iPhone 11 Model Names With Code Numbers, OS Release Date, and New iPads Revealed in Leaked Document

iPhone 11 model names, OS release date and new iPads revealed in leaked document

Apple’s iPhone 11 model names are somewhat of a mystery, even with less than a week remaining for the company’s official September 10 keynote. Some unofficial cases meant for the newer models might have revealed their names, but our readers know that’s not something you can solely rely on. Fortunately, an allegedly leaked paper titled ‘Apple Software Development Resources’ created for the company’s employees was shared online, revealing what could be one of the most interesting things you guys might ever read before the big launch.

The New Models Reportedly Said to Ship With iOS 13.1 Standard

The Twitter account AppleBeta2019 apparently got hold off a document that is intended for Apple employees, and in it, the iPhone 11 model names have allegedly leaked. AppleInsider later states that it managed to review the 10-page article and has brought forth some crucial information for our readers. The names of the upcoming models, as well as their corresponding code numbers, are provided below.

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  • iPhone 11 (N104)
  • iPhone 11 Pro (D42)
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max (D43)

The iPhone 11 is said to be the cheapest member of the three handsets, with an alleged benchmarking leak revealing the device to feature 4GB RAM and modest performance gains thanks to the Apple A13 SoC. The rest of the leaked iPhone 11 model names reveal that two of the premium models with an OLED screen are to feature the ‘Pro’ moniker, just like a leakster had pointed out earlier.

Each of these three models is said to ship with iOS 13.1 standard, but the report doesn’t explicitly state whether iOS 13.1 will come pre-running on all three devices or not. That’s because the document reportedly says that the new phones will feature a security patch as part of iOS 13.01, which will be an OTA update available in October of this year.

iPhone 11 and OS Release Date, New iPad Models & More

Putting the iPhone 11 model names on the side, for now, the release date of all three models is slated for September 27, with users expected to receive the iOS 13 update for compatible devices on September 23. However, SoftBank’s President mistakenly said that the iPhone 11 family will launch on September 20, putting both release dates at odds of one another. We’ll definitely keep you updated on the official launch date, so bear with us for a few more days.

For the Apple Watch, four new models are tipped for a September 10 announcement, with model numbers A2156, A2157, A2092 and A2093 expected to be part of the keynote. Assets in watchOS 6 earlier revealed that Apple could be prepping Titanium and Ceramic finishes of the Apple Watch Series 4, but it’s unclear if a brand new model engineered from scratch will be shown to the press.

Two new iPad models featuring the identifiers A2068 and A2198 are tipped to ship in October, according to the document. While it’s possible the new tablets are showcased on September 10 where Apple will confirm the official iPhone 11 model names, our gut tells us that a separate launch event will be held in October. There was no mention of a new iPad Pro, so it’s highly likely we’ll see a 10.2-inch slate that could replace the A10 Fusion-fueled iPad 6.

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As mentioned before, Apple’s ‘By innovation only’ keynote will be held on September 10, and if you want to know what to expect during the event, be sure to check out our detailed roundup. Other than that, we’ll make additional efforts to keep you updated on all rumors, leaks, and more, so stay tuned for more updates.

News Source: AppleInsider

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