iPhone 11 Pro Saves a Life by Stopping a Bullet, but Gets Completely Destroyed

iPhone 11 Pro Saves a Life by Stopping a Bullet, but Gets Completely Destroyed

Like any other smartphone with a glass and metal chassis, the iPhone 11 Pro is not durable when dropped from a certain height or when something hits it with noticeable impact. However, did you know that Apple’s flagship launched back in 2019 was able to stop a bullet and save a life in the process? Sure, it was unusable after, but a life is more precious than an iPhone any day.

Soldier Lives to Fight Another Day as a Bullet Hits the iPhone 11 Pro, Shattering Its Innards

Apple makes sure that its iPhones are made with the best quality materials, but even then, enough force exerted on one of these can break them, with a zero chance of repairability. However, what was surprising is how one bullet’s potential damage was completely absorbed by an iPhone 11 Pro when it was being carried by a Ukrainian soldier. A video clip on Reddit has gone viral, showing how the smartphone looks after absorbing the bullet.

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Given the velocity of bullets, we thought that the iPhone 11 Pro would have received more damage than it should have, but it is still unusable. The individual who uploaded the clip, u/ThaIgk, also joked that instead of plate carriers as body armor, Russian soldiers should start carrying MacBooks in their vests. Given the build quality of MacBooks, they should easily be able to absorb a round or two, but that would also make those machines useless, which would be a waste of MacBooks and countless resources for one side.

While no one can argue the build quality of an iPhone 11 Pro, Apple is rumored to step up its game later this year with it officially launches the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, as both models are said to feature a titanium alloy chassis, foregoing the use of stainless steel and glass. Using the new build materials should give the new iPhones improved durability, but will they be strong enough to absorb bullets and come out unscathed? Highly unlikely.

If you want to check out the damaged iPhone 11 Pro, be sure to click on the link below and share your thoughts in the comments.

News Source: Reddit

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