iPhone 11 Launch Date Hinted by SoftBank President in Latest Report

iPhone 11 launch has apparently been predicted by SoftBank President

The iPhone 11 launch date has been somewhat of a mystery, and with Apple not having teased an announcement yet, it’s hard to deduce when the company’s latest and greatest phone lineup will be unveiled. What we do know is that Apple’s annual iPhone keynote takes place in September, but a slight error on SoftBank’s President’s part means we might have a clue as to when the upcoming smartphone range launch.

iPhone 11 Launch Date Could Be September 20, According to Info Shared by Ken Miyauchi

To help you better understand, a new Japanese Telecommunications Business Law will go into effect on October 1, stating that carriers will need to separate data and device plans. What this means is that the business practices of bundling premium devices such as the iPhone with expensive data plans will be ended. Later, SoftBank President, Ken Miyauchi was asked how his company intends to abide by the new laws, to which Miyauchi gave away key details regarding the iPhone 11 launch.

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“I'm honestly thinking about what I should do for about ten days. Excuse me, I shouldn't say that. Nobody knows when the new iPhone will be released [...] When it is, it will be unbundled for at least 10 days. After that, it will be part of a bundle.”

The executive admitted in the statement that there was sensitive information that he shouldn’t have shared, but now that it’s part of the press, it suggests that the release date of the iPhone 11 range will be September 20.

Apple generally holds its annual keynote on September 10 or September 11, with pre-orders expected to go live on September 13, although last year, Apple held its iPhone event on September 12. The first crop of models belonging to the iPhone 11 range is expected to be shipped to customers on September 20.

As most of you know, Apple will announce the iPhone 11R, iPhone 11, and iPhone 11 Max this year, as they succeed all three models from last year. Sadly, the upcoming devices will not support 5G connectivity; you’ll have to wait for next year’s iPhones to obtain access to the next-generation wireless standard.

News Source: Mac Otakara

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