iOS 15’s Separation Alerts Feature Will Inform You if You Are Leaving a Compatible Apple Device or AirTag Behind


Apple is adding a new Separation Alerts feature in iOS 15, and if you are someone that has a propensity to forget things or items easily when leaving the home or other places, you will find this addition a godsend. The feature will be added to the Find My app, and it will alert you through your iPhone if you are leaving behind an AirTag or any other Apple device.

Separation Alerts will also work for Find My-enabled third-party devices, so it is not like you are limited to just Apple-branded devices only. For any item in the ‌Find My‌ app, you can tap on it and select the ‘Notify When Left Behind’ option. Once enabled, you will start receiving alerts if the items present in the Find My app start going out of range.

Apple just Released iOS 15.6 and iPadOS 15.6 Beta 3

Of course, you have certain controls over this, as continuously receiving alerts will be no doubt annoying. As such, you can set exceptions for certain locations. For example, if one of those items is safely at home, then you will know not to return for them. However, one scenario where Separation Alerts in iOS 15 will prove useful is watching over your AirPods.

Being extremely small and not requiring enough effort to lose, in addition to Separation Alerts, your AirPods Pro now have Find My support, meaning you can search for them in case you lose them. The public beta of iOS 15 will land in July, with an official release happening later this year.

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