Apple Stops Signing iOS 16.0.3 – What You Should Know With Respect to Fugu15 Jailbreak

Ali Salman
iOS 16.0.3 Signing and Fugu15 Jailbreak Downgrade

Apple recently released iOS 16.1 and iPadOS 16.1 for all compatible iPhone and iPad models. Today, the company has seen fit to stop signing iOS 16.0.3 which means that you will no longer be able to downgrade from iOS 16.1. We have also recently heard that Linus Henze has released the Fugu15 jailbreak to developers which can be downloaded right now. If you are wondering what implications would Apple's decision incur, scroll down to read more details.

iOS 16.0.3 is No Longer Being Signed by Apple, Downgrade From iOS 16.1 Not Possible - Here's What it Means With Respect to Fugu15 Jailbreak

If you are running the latest iOS 16.1 version on your iPhone, you can no longer downgrade to the previous version since Apple has stopped signing iOS 16.0.3. As mentioned earlier, Henze has released the Fugu15 jailbreak for iOS 15 which is available to developers on GitHub. While the jailbreak is not for everyone at this stage, it could be released to the public in the near future.

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As for what you should know, Apple's decision does not impact the average user who is not interested in jailbreaking their iPhone. Since iOS 16.1 packs a boatload of forward-facing features and security updates, we would recommend you update as soon as possible. However, users who are running a version of iOS 15 and anxiously waiting for a jailbreak should resist updating to the latest version. If you do so, you will no longer be able to downgrade to iOS 15. iOS 16.0.3 signing does not have an impact on users who are running a version of iOS 15 as long as you stick to the update.

It was recently covered that the Fugu15 jailbreak is intended for developers. Moreover, it is currently not compatible with any jailbreak tweak due to the absence of the tweak injection library. At this point, it is not clear when Henze will release the final version of the Fugu15 jailbreak to all users. Nonetheless, we will keep you guys updated with the latest, so be sure to stick around.

This is all there is to it, folks. Have you updated to the latest iOS 16.1 version? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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