iOS 15 Brings Back the Magnifying Glass for You to Highlight Selected Texts

Omar Sohail
iOS 15 Brings Back the Magnifying Glass for You to Highlight Select Texts

Following its needless removal from iOS 13, Apple has decided to reintroduce the magnifying glass feature for accurately selecting text in iOS 15.

In its WWDC 2021 keynote, the company showed off the renewed feature as being part of the new iOS 15 update. As per its previous function, a small magnified bubble of text is visible to the user when he or she glides the text cursor, making for a more accurate and smooth text selection process.

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Contrary to the larger, circular loupe, the feature displayed in iOS 13, the improved and updated iOS 15 one uses a smaller, capsule-shaped loupe to select and highlight text. However, both operating systems have similar-sized loupes when text selection commences.

Regardless, the restoration of this feature will prove to be significantly useful, as selecting text will become more accurate and efficient, and could even improve productivity for some users, depending on what you happen to be doing.

Now that the magnifying loupe is back, there might be the hope of more practical features from the previous iOS generations to make their way into the current Apple ecosystem. iOS 15 is still in its development phase and is expected to be released by fall to all users. If you wish to know which iPhone model is compatible with iOS 15, be sure to check out our updated list here.

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