iOS 14 HomeKit Features Include Night Shift for Lights, Facial Recognition for Cameras, More


New iOS 14 details have emerged in the HomeKit domain, suggesting Apple is set to make big leaps this year in key areas.

iOS 14 HomeKit Will be Getting a Huge Boost, tvOS 14 to Introduce Support for Direct Audio to HomePod

9to5Mac is continuously spilling the beans on iOS 14 and now they have new information regarding iOS 14 HomeKit features. Let's have a quick overview of them.

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The publication is reporting that there are two major inclusions in iOS 14 HomeKit. One is the added support for Night Shift for lights, meaning that your smart lights such as LIFX and Hue will be able to warm up the color temperature based on the time of day. Currently, you have to do it manually. This means that during the day you will be treated to a cooler tone and things will get warmer as you approach sunset.

The other is the inclusion of facial recognition for HomeKit cameras. Meaning, your installed cameras will be able to recognize faces from your family, pets and even objects. This is actually a pretty great feature for those who like to know who passed by in front of your cameras and when.

tvOS 14 Will Allow HomePod to be Permanent Output Audio Source for Apple TV

Last but not the least, 9to5Mac reports that tvOS 14 for Apple TV will allow users to set a HomePod as the permanent audio source. Currently, you have to select the HomePod manually every single time after the Apple TV has been rebooted or woken up from sleep, which is not a great thing at all. So with tvOS 14, you can simply select the HomePod once and you will be good to go. We're assuming that this feature will work with all AirPlay 2 speakers currently in the market. But we shall see.

There are a ton of iOS 14 leaks flying around and we're having a great time digesting them all. As soon as we have more information, we will bring it to our readers.

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