New Apple Watch Feature Could Include Blood Oxygen Detection, According to Leaked iOS 14 Code Snippet


The Apple Watch could obtain the ability to detect blood oxygen levels for the first time, after 9to5Mac learned according to a leaked iOS 14 code snippet. According to more information, blood oxygen levels that are between 95 and 100 percent are considered healthy, while anything below 80 percent can result in degraded heart and brain functionality.

It’s Currently Unconfirmed if the New Blood Oxygen Detection Feature Will Require Newer Hardware

Unfortunately, though the leaked iOS 14 code reveals that a new feature could be arriving, it’s not confirmed if older hardware will support it. That can mean if we’re lucky, models like the Apple Watch Series 4, Series 5 and older generations will get support for it. If not, then users that want to take advantage of this feature will have to wait for the upcoming Apple Watch Series 6, which is reportedly due later this year and that will spending more money to experience the latest and greatest features.

iPhone-Like Low Power Mode Will be Exclusive to the Apple Watch Series 8

As for how this addition can work, the Apple Watch could send a high-priority notification to the wearer when blood oxygen levels are below normal levels. Hopefully, users will be able to trigger notifications based on their preference level. For example, when blood oxygen levels drop to 90 percent, the Apple Watch can send a notification warning the user at first.

This will help alert the wearer that his or her blood oxygen levels have started to drop and if possible, they should seek medical attention. It’s highly likely that the blood oxygen level detection feature will roll out with the official release of watchOS 7 later this year. Whether or not it will be available for all or some Apple Watch models, we’ll find out in the future.

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News Source: 9to5Mac