Shazam has Been Used a Billion Times from Control Center Since its Integration in iOS 14.2


Shazam and Apple have hit a massive milestone. The Apple-owned company has announced that people have used Shazam a billion times from Control Center.

It's Official - Over a Billion Songs Have been Identified from Control Center Using Shazam

Ever since it acquired Shazam, Apple has made a lot of changes in how the service works, making it more accessible to users, especially if you are using an iPhone. With the iOS 14.2 update, Apple added a toggle switch for Shazam straight into Control Center, allowing you to well, Shazam (read: identify) a song with a single swipe and then a tap. You don't even have to download the Shazam app in order to make this work as long as you have a working internet connection, thanks to App Clips.

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Today, Shazam has announced that a billion songs have been identified from the Control Center ever since the button's inception in iOS 14.2 for both iPhone and iPad. Interestingly, the most commonly identified track is by Bruno Mars called 'Talking to the Moon.' Masked Wolf's 'Astronaut in the Ocean' comes in at second place.

Want to learn how to Shazam songs from Control Center? Check out our full tutorial below: