New Google Pixel 4a Price to Reportedly Start From $349, Making It $50 Cheaper Than What Previous Reports Indicated


With Apple’s 2020 iPhone SE undercutting the competition, it’s high time Google officially released a model of its own to even the playing field. However, to do that, there needs a competitive price in play. According to a previous leak, Google’s affordable offering would start from $399, which is the same introductory price of the Pixel 3a lineup. However, new information claims that the Pixel 4a price will be cheaper, meaning Google still has a shot of turning around its struggling smartphone business, but only slightly.

Pixel 4a Could Also Be Offered in a Higher Capacity for a Small Price Tag

According to Stephen Hall from 9to5Google, the Pixel 4a price will start from $349, making it $50 cheaper than what we previously reported about. That’s not all because apart from the decrease in pricing, there will be an increase in the storage capacity. For $349, the Pixel 4a is expected to provide 128GB of internal storage. This is a welcome change since Google-branded devices don’t ship with expandable memory, so now, users can install a plethora of applications, as they have ample storage headroom as opposed to a smartphone model with only 64GB of onboard memory.

Pixel 4a Remains Available for Sale Alongside the Pixel 5a, for Some Reason

What’s even better is that the storage running in the Pixel 4a will reportedly operate at the UFS 2.1 standard, meaning snappy app loading and an overall fluid experience. While the following isn’t confirmed, Google hasn’t mentioned if the Pixel 4a will arrive in different RAM configurations. For example, according to a leaked benchmark, the Pixel 4a was spotted running 6GB RAM and an octa-core processor, which we assume belongs to the Snapdragon 730, but there hasn’t been a mention of a 4GB RAM variant.

While all of these specifications sound decent enough, what should be a game-changer is that camera sensor. For $349, if you’re getting a smartphone that can deliver image quality comparable to that of flagship handsets, then we have a winner on our hands. Just like the Pixel 3a, we believe Google will incorporate the Pixel 4 sensor in the Pixel 4a, minus the Soli radar, of course.

So when can we expect the Pixel 4a? Not this early at least, according to a rumor, which says it might launch sometime in June. Whenever it arrives, and whatever the Pixel 4a price is, we’ll keep you updated on the latest, so stay tuned.

News Source: Twitter (Stephen Hall)