Galaxy S20 Ultra’s Screen is ‘Visually Indistinguishable From Perfect’ According to DisplayMate’s in-Depth Calibration Results


Samsung’s latest and greatest Galaxy S20 Ultra sports some of the best hardware upgrades for an Android flagship, with one of the obvious ones being the display. Touting size, and now color accuracy, DisplayMate decided to test out the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s screen and it turned out to be one of the best ever panels found on a smartphone.

Galaxy S20 Ultra’s Screen Achieves 12 Smartphone Records, Including Highest Absolute Color Accuracy

The Galaxy S20 Ultra’s display achieves an A+ score from DisplayMate. That’s the same score the iPhone 11 Pro Max obtained not too long ago, but there are some hefty differences you should know about right now. According to DisplayMate’s testing, the 6.9-inch panel used on the Galaxy S20 Ultra has achieved the highest absolute color accuracy as well as the highest peak display brightness on a smartphone screen. In addition, it touts the largest native color gamut even after sporting a 23 percent larger screen area than the Galaxy S10.

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DisplayMate also says that Samsung has been hard at work in significantly improving some aspects of the display such as Absolute Picture Quality and Absolute Color Accuracy. The 6.9-inch flagship also sports Precision Factory Display Calibration, with both picture quality and color accuracy being rated as ‘visually indistinguishable from perfect’. It also sports a higher refresh rate of 120Hz, but unfortunately, you will only be able to use when toggling FHD+ resolutions, not the maximum QHD+ resolution.

There’s also better outdoor visibility as the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s display can achieve a 14 percent increase in brightness compared to its predecessor. While we’ve highlighted the good stuff for you, DisplayMate’s results are open for all to read, and if you’d to like to learn more about the company’s testing methodologies, you can click on the source link below and find out more.

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News Source: DisplayMate