Galaxy S11 Specifications Leak Provides Info Regarding Display Sizes, Design, and 5G Compatibility


Samsung’s Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 family were a huge step up in both design and camera upgrades, not to mention the inclusion of a new base model for customers that didn’t want to spend too much to get that flagship experience. Of course, Samsung’s work is cut out for it as the competition continues to get stiff and the Korean manufacturer will have to be on its A-game in the smartphone space if it wants to maintain that top position in the market. Fortunately, some preliminary Galaxy S11 specifications have leaked, providing potential customers some info in case they wanted to upgrade next year. On paper, they look very promising.

New Galaxy S11 Specifications Reveal Samsung’s Reportedly Planning on Upping Display Sizes for All Three Models

According to your friendly neighborhood leakster, Evan Blass has released some noteworthy Galaxy S11 specifications that shed light on all three models. First, comes the display sizes, which have been detailed below.

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  • Galaxy S11e - 6.4-inch curved edge screen
  • Galaxy S11 - 6.7-inch curved edge screen
  • Galaxy S11 Plus - 6.9-inch curved edge screen

Notice how none of the models mentioned provide information concerning a flat display like the Galaxy S10e. Well, that’s because Blass mentions that all three models are expected to launch with a curved screen, which might add to the total manufacturing costs. Also, the Galaxy S11e’s purported screen size is as big as the Galaxy S11 Plus’, so that’s a huge change right there. That would also explain why the cheapest upcoming model is said to arrive with a much larger battery than the Galaxy S10e.

Moving onto additional Galaxy S11 specifications, the leak states that only the largest model will arrive with a 5G variant, while the smaller ones will be offered in both LTE and 5G versions. This can also mean that the Galaxy S11 Plus might also arrive with extra hardware goodies which Samsung may charge a premium for to up its profits. Only time will tell if this turns out to be true.

Aside from these Galaxy S11 specifications, the leak also mentions a ‘traditional mid-to-late February launch’. If you recall, we’ve mentioned countless times that Samsung has been rumored to unveil its new flagship series during February 2020. The exact date hasn’t been announced but we’ll muster up some patience and wait for more details to come through. As for additional info, we believe all three Galaxy S11 models will be armed with the Exynos 9830, and this time, Samsung is expected to rely on ARM’s performance cores rather than its custom ones since the Korean giant has shut down its facility in Austin that was responsible for custom CPU development.

Other rumors surrounding the Galaxy S11 lineup point towards an unprecedented camera system that’s accompanied with 5x optical zoom, and there might be room to accommodate the company’s 108MP ISOCELL Bright HMX sensor. In short, we can expect the upcoming smartphone offerings to be one heck of an upgrade compared to existing models, and like always, we’ll continue to provide you more details on this, to stay tuned.

News Source: Twitter (Evan Blass)