Galaxy Fold 2 Specs Point Towards a Bigger Outward Display, and Samsung Could Switch to a 120Hz Refresh Rate

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Galaxy Fold 2 Specs Point Towards a Bigger Outward Display, and Samsung Could Switch to a 120Hz Refresh Rate

A boatload of Galaxy Fold 2 specs have just popped up, revealing a swath of changes coming to Samsung’s upcoming foldable flagship. Though the Galaxy Z Flip arrived before it, it isn’t categorized as a flagship due to its previous-generation internal specifications. Fortunately, you’ll be pleased with what Samsung is reportedly working on, so here are all the details.

Samsung Is Expected to Use Its UTG or Ultra-Thin Glass Technology for the Galaxy Fold 2

According to a list of Galaxy Fold 2 specs shared by Ross Young, the upcoming flagship will reportedly ship with a Ultra-Thin Glass technology that debuted with the Galaxy Z Flip. Though the Galaxy Z Flip is still a fragile piece of mobile computing hardware as shown in a recent teardown video, the degree of durability has increased compared to the first-generation Galaxy Fold. In short, we can expect the Galaxy Fold 2 might be able to sustain more physical abuse before it folds (pun intended, obviously).

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Other Galaxy Fold 2 specs include a bigger diagonal display. Apparently, the flagship will have a 7.59-inch screen, along with a resolution of 2213 by 1689 pixels, and a 120Hz refresh rate, just like the one present on the Galaxy S20 lineup. It was reported that Samsung was aiming to use an under-display camera for the Galaxy Fold 2, but it looks like the technology isn’t quite ready yet. Hopefully we’ll see it in the Galaxy S21 next year, but for now, it looks like the tech won’t show up this year, at least from Samsung’s side.

The Galaxy Fold 2 is also expected to get S Pen support, providing an improved tablet experience for the user. Since the specs include the use of UTG technology, perhaps the usability factor will be more enjoyable. The inward display is also said to measure 6.23 inches diagonally, and it would apparently have a resolution of 2267 by 819. The display itself is said to sport LTPS backplane technology, coupled with a punch-hole design for the selfie camera, but unfortunately, Samsung will reportedly stick to a 60Hz refresh rate.

Of course, since this information hasn’t been confirmed by Samsung, we highly recommend you treat these Galaxy Fold 2 specs with a pinch of salt for now.

News Source: Twitter (Ross Young)

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