Ultra-Thin Glass Used on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Will Be Available for Other Foldable Smartphones Soon

Ultra-Thin Glass Used on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Will Be Available for Other Foldable Smartphones Soon

Possibly the most notable thing about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is the use of the Ultra-Thin Glass technology, which can be folded up to 200,000 times without damage. According to Samsung’s estimates, before the glass shows signs of damage, you’ll probably be looking to upgrade your smartphone much earlier anyway. This makes use of the Ultra-Thin Glass technology very useful on other foldable smartphones and it looks like Samsung will be doing just that.

Samsung Is Reportedly Working With Dowoo Insys to Mass Produce Ultra-Thin Glass Technology

According to Yonhap, Samsung is currently working with Dowoo Insys to commercialize this Ultra-Thin Glass technology. Dowoo Insys is a glass substrate manufacturer and has been in partnership with Samsung since 2013, so it comes as no surprise that both entities would be joining forces to scale up this glass for other manufacturers to use too. At this current time, it’s not confirmed how many foldable smartphone manufacturers will plan on using this glass, but we’ll update you in the future.

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Dennis Choi, Vice President of Samsung’s mobile display marketing team says that Ultra-Thin Glass or UTG is a worthy manufacturing alternative.

“With our existing polyimide cover window, development of the new extremely flexible UTG cover window ‘Samsung UTG’ now enables us to meet more demanding customer needs. Clearly, Samsung UTG is a highly enticing manufacturing alternative which serves as another important example of our dedication to technology advancement and manufacturing excellence.”

As for what exactly is Ultra-Thin Glass, it’s a material that is approximately a fraction of traditional glass thickness, which makes it more flexible than that glass and more durable than regular plastic. In short, the Galaxy Z Flip can withstand more physical abuse as JerryRigEverything pointed out in his recent durability test video. Still, it doesn’t make it a direct replacement to Gorilla Glass as it can easily be scratched by your fingernail.

Regardless, it is a massive improvement over regular plastic, and until Corning is able to properly commercialize its version of foldable glass, it’s highly likely other phone manufacturers will have no choice but to settle for Ultra-Thin Glass technology for the time being.

News Source: Yonhap

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