Official Samsung S-Voice Images Leaked – Overhauled, Minimalist Design

Samsung seems to have completely overhauled its S Voice - Siri competitor. Here are the S-Voice leaked images showing what Samsung's voice app looks like! voice


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Samsung S-Voice leaked images:

While we rave about and crazily wait for Intel Jarvis to come and conquer the world of voice recognition (what an awesome name, seriously!), here is the updated S-Voice from Samsung.

Published by Sammobile (and not available now - whatever happened!) this Wednesday, new and improved S Voice app leaked images show a simple and minimalist design aesthetics. S-Voice leaked images show Samsung embracing flat and simple design with a two-tone blue hues used in the interface.

As Samsung is awaited to release its Samsung Galaxy S5 at Unpacked 5 event this February in Barcelona, all these apps including S-Voice, S-Health and WatchOn are going through some interface changes to be a part of this expected next flagship.

Sammobile claimed that the new S Voice has better voice recognition, however, it is unknown if the blogger at Sammobile actually used the app.

S-Voice leaked images: s-voice sammobile


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s-voice leaked

Source: Sammobile

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