Everything Apple Announced At Its Apple Education Event: 9.7-inch iPad, Schoolwork App, ClassKit And More – Roundup


Apple at its Education Event announced quite a handful of goodies for students as well as teachers. However, if you missed the event and want to know all about the latest hardware and software additions, then we have compiled a roundup of the entire event including the new 9.7-inch iPad. So let's check out more details on the Apple Education Event.

9.7-inch iPad

The iPad was the most anticipated device to come out of the Apple Education Event. The company released the cheaper iPad for students as well as the general public. It features support for the Apple Pencil and will ship with the company's recently updated Pages, Numbers, and Keynote apps. The 9.7-inch iPad is priced at $299 for students and $329 for regular users. Check out more details here.

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Non-Laminated Display

New Version Of Apple's iWork Apps

The new version of Pages, Numbers and Keynote apps will come with support for Apple pencil and will also feature integration with other apps. Check out more details on the new version of Apple's iWork apps here.

iPad Pro vs iPad vs iPad mini 4 official specs comparison

Schoolwork App

The new Schoolwork app is a great tool for teachers and students to work towards the common goal - productivity. It will allow educators to assign handouts and keep a track of students' progress. More details can be viewed here.

Apple Teacher

Apple Teacher is the company's attempts to boost the educators in their field. The platform is basically an online professional learning program for teachers which will help them build skills, get inspired and much more. Here are the remaining details.

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ClassKit Framework

Apple's ClassKit framework API will work with other apps to provide a hub for all education-related apps. Moreover, Classroom app is also coming to the Mac. ClassKit will be available with iOS 11.4. More details here.

iCloud Storage For Students

Apple has bumped iCloud Storage for students from 5GB to 200GB without any charge. Regular users would have to pay to upgrade. Here are the details.

iCloud storage

Clips And GarageBand Update

Clips app and GarageBand have been updated with educational aspects. Clips app include a wide range of layouts and filters along with other visual additions. GarageBand adds new sound pack and much more. Check out the entire changelog here.

New Cases For iPhone And iPad

Apple has quietly launched new iPhone and iPad cases in Spring color options. Check it out here.

Logitech Crayon

Apple also announced the Logitech Crayon Stylus which possess the same features as that of the Apple Pencil and costs half as much. It comes at $45 and supports the new iPad. Here are the remaining details.


These are all the major announcements from the Apple Education Event. We will update you guys as soon as something new is discovered. So be sure to stay tuned in for more.

This is all for now, folks. What are your thoughts on the Apple Education Event? Do you think Apple has made an impact on the education system as a whole? Share your views with us in the comments