Apple Bumps Free iCloud Storage from 5GB to 200GB – Students Only, Because Apple


Apart from the new 9.7-inch iPad with Apple Pencil support, Apple has announced that it will bump the free iCloud storage for students to 200GB.

Apple Wants Students to Get a Bigger Share of iCloud Storage Space - Consumers? Well, Nope. Not Yet, at least.

It's not hidden knowledge that Apple likes to cheap out on certain things - iCloud storage space is one of them. See, if you are a consumer, you don't get anything above 5GB of storage for free. But obviously, if you are wiling to pay up, then you can take things through the roof, up to 2TB for your documents, photos, videos, backups and whatnot.

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However, Apple has announced that if you are a student, then it is making some changes to its iCloud storage plans. It's killing the 5GB 'free' plan altogether and bumping that up to 200GB. That's a huge upgrade in one fell swoop. In case you are wondering, 200GB of storage will set you back $2.99 otherwise. That does not sound like much, but hey, it sounds way better than 5GB in any case.

If you are not a student and are planning to upgrade your cloud storage, then you might want to head over to this link for more details. Let's also hope that Apple bumps up the 5GB space to 50GB at least for us mere mortals as well.

What's your take on this?