Original Apple Newton MessagePad From 1993 is Compatible With First-Gen Apple Pencil

Ali Salman
Apple Newton MessagePad compatible with Apple pencil

The iPad has come a long way and it just keeps on getting better with every upgrade. Apple launched the new iPad Pro last month that boasts a mini-LED display for enhanced viewing experience. It houses the new M1 processor that also powers the current MacBook Pro. Going back to 1993, Apple introduced the original Newton MessagePad and it turns out, the first-gen Apple Pencil is compatible with it.

The Forst-Generation Apple Pencil Works With the Original Newton MessagePad That Launched in 1993

While the Apple Newton MessagePad is discontinued, it is still working with the first-gen Apple Pencil. If you happen to own the nostalgic piece of tech, you can try it out for yourself. A user shared the video of the first-gen Apple Pencil working with the original Apple Newton MessagePad. The user writes Apple's famous 'hello' text on the Newton MessagePad.You can check out the video embedded below.

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The first Newton MessagePad from Apple was launched in May of 1993. Since the Newton MessagePad was priced high, it did not sell well. It featured low battery life, given it was powered by AAA batteries.

Apple's iPad models are a huge success and it is racing with the Macs in terms of performance and utility. While Apple will not completely bridge the gap between a Mac and an iPad, iPadOS has narrowed it down to a certain extent. Apple also introduced mouse and keyboard support with the iPad, which makes it a laptop alternative. With the M1's performance on board, the new iPad Pro series will deliver performance on par with the latest MacBook models. Apple is also working on new mini-LED MacBook models which are delayed till next year.

Nonetheless, it is great to see that the first-generation Apple Pencil is backward compatible with the Newton MessagePad. This is all there is to it, folks. What are your views on the story? Share your views with us in the comments.

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