Apple’s ClassKit Framework Coming In iOS 11.4 And Schoolwork App, Also Bringing Classroom App To Mac


Apple Education Event went quite good taking into account the new additions that the company announced along with a new platform - ClassKit. Apart from the announcement of the 9.7-inch iPad for students as well as the general public, Apple also showcased several apps. Now it is revealed that Apple is bringing the Classroom app to the Mac and a ClassKit API. So let's dive in to see some more details in the scenario as well as the availability of ClassKit.

ClassKit API Will Be Available In iOS 11.4, Classroom For Mac on the Way!

Apple announced the new Schoolwork app, new versions of its iWork apps as well as the Apple Teacher platform for teachers. ClassKit is a new API from Apple which will integrate apps. The framework will basically allow educators to integrate with the Schoolwork app.

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The ClassKit platform will be available in iOS 11.4:

The ClassKit framework, coming in iOS 11.4, works with a powerful new iPad app called Schoolwork that helps teachers and students keep track of assignments and progress.

With ClassKit, you can help teachers easily discover specific learning activities in your app, take students directly to the right activity with a single tap, and securely and privately share progress data to help teachers personalize instruction.

Apart from this, Apple is also porting its Classroom app to the Mac. Since Macs play an important role in the education system, it would be viable for teachers to make use of the Classroom app.

The new Apple Teacher program is a professional learning program for teachers which will allow them to take advantage of the new applications and implement them. It's good to see that Apple is working on improving the educators as well as students. Through the implied methods and utilities, productivity for all parties will be enhanced.

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News Source: 9to5mac