Apple Ditched Its Plans to Launch a $49 Apple Pencil for the iPhone 14 at the Last Minute

Ali Salman
Apple Pencil for iPhone

Apple launched the new iPhone 14 series a few months ago with a boatload of internal improvements. According to the latest, Apple planned to debut a new Apple Pencil for the iPhone 14. However, the idea was scrapped at the last minute. Scroll down to read more details on the subject.

Apple Planned to Launch a Cheaper Version of the Apple Pencil at Its iPhone 14 Event But Scrapped The Idea at The Last Minute

According to a sketchy rumor on Weibo and shared by DuanRui on Twitter, Apple had plans to introduce a new $49 Apple Pencil for the iPhone 14. The accessory was codenamed "Maker" at the iPhone 14 launch event, and only a million units were mass-produced. However, the plan was canceled, and the accessory did not see daylight at all.

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The rumored accessory for iPhone did not have all the sensors that you would find in the current models for the iPad. For instance, to keep the cost at bay, the $49 Apple Pencil did not feature pressure-sensing technology or a rechargeable battery. Moreover, it included an onboard chip to power the stylus through the iPhone or the iPad's screen. The mechanism is more or less similar to how Samsung's S-Pen performs on the flagship Galaxy-branded smartphones and tablets.

As for the pricing, the accessory for iPhone was rumored to cost $49 in contrast to $99 and $129 for the first-gen and second-gen Apple Pencil, respectively. However, do take the news with a grain of salt because the source of the rumor does not have a track record. In addition, we have heard numerous times in the past that Apple is working on an Apple Pencil for iPhone, but none of the rumors have seen daylight.

Nonetheless, since smartphones are getting big, it would not be such a bad idea for Apple to introduce an Apple Pencil that works with an iPhone. In addition, the company could introduce a few productivity quirks to make the entire deal appealing to users. We will share more details on the subject as soon as further information is available.

Since it is a debate, would you like to use Apple Pencil with your iPhone? Let us know in the comments.

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