Download iOS 13.2 Beta / iPadOS 13.2 Beta Without Developer Account


Here's how you can download the latest iOS 13.2 beta or iPadOS 13.2 beta on your iPhone or iPad without a developer account.

iOS 13.2 beta and iPadOS 13.2 beta are now for download and it's a wonderful little update for iPhone 11 users as it brings the much-awaited Deep Fusion camera tech to Apple's latest handsets. What this feature essentially does is this: snap several photos at the same time and leave the user with a highly detailed photo in average to low-light conditions. Needless to say that if you thought Night Mode is going to blow your socks off, this will take things to the next level.

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Right now, the new released beta is available for registered developers only. If you are one then you already have the luxury of downloading a profile straight onto your device and just grab the update over the air. Said luxury costs $99 on a yearly basis, which is fine, if you consider yourself an Apple enthusiast as it gives you access to beta versions of upcoming software immediately.

However, if you are going to take beta software for a spin on a very occasional basis, just to test out cool new features, like Deep Fusion in iOS 13.2 beta or just iPadOS 13.2 beta, then it's better off downloading the iOS configuration profile itself and grabbing the update without spending a dime. But, before you go ahead with this method, it's important to know that this is a method of installation which Apple does not sanction at all. So, before you head out and go ahead with this, it's best to take a complete backup of all your data in a safe and secure location first. Use iTunes or iCloud, whoever is the most feasible for you. Once done, just download this profile onto your device and you're absolutely golden.

Again, install the update completely at your own risk. If something goes wrong while doing this, we won't take any sort of responsibility at all.

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