SwipeAway; Make All Your Background Apps Dissapear In A Flash


SwipeAway is an absolutely amazing Cydia Tweak that let's you do away with messy applications ruining your appswitcher. This is especially useful when your children are done experimenting with almost every game in the App Store and hand you back the iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch with the appswitcher completely cluttered with a mess of God knows what apps from and there are endless rows of them stretching as far the eye can see. Ordinarily you would have to hold down one app an tap the red " - " to make them go away but what if I told you about this handy tweak that completely empties your appswitcher out in a single upward swipe? This is where SwipeAway comes to play.

Now let's get down to the bare basics. All you need to acquire said tweak is simply a jaibroken iDevice (obviously) and a simple address and you are all set to go!

Step 1. Acquire SwipeAway from Cydia

As I mentioned earlier all you need is Cydia which comes complimentary with any jailbreak. So simply open up Cydia from your homescreen and navigate to the "Search" Tab and once its open you simply type "com.sirifl0w.swipeaway" without the " ". (and yes that is a 0 and not an O as in Ostrich so be careful of that.)

Step 2. Install and be done!

Now once you see the only result in the search box all you have to do is tap it and choose "Install" from the top right corner. Followed by Continue and upon downloading and installing the data you will be asked to "Restart Spingboard" at the bottom center. Proceed to do so and wait for the lockscreen to come and you are good to go.

To test out if the installation was successful unlock your homescreen and double tap home button and see if you have any prior apps running. If you don't then run a few random ones and when you feel you have then double tap home again and swipe upwards in the small space between the appswitcher and the homescreen and you are done!


Now you see them:

Now you don't:

You can also go to settings.app and adjust the swipe to upwards or downwards if you wish but either way this thing is a lifesaver if you especially are fond of making use of the appswitcher while actively multitasking only to find it cluttered with unnecessary junk.

Tested and running on a Jailbroken iPod Touch 4G and iPad 2. Both of 5.1.1.

You can find this tweak in the modmyi repository.