Pinch To Unlock Makes Unlocking Your iDevice A Breeze


Tired of the traditional "Slide to Unlock" notification? what if there was a faster way and one that didn't require a steady hand? This handy tweak takes away the task of sliding and replaces it with the act of pinching your lockscreen so that you can unlock it. Another benefit is that the unlock is silent so its an ideal way to unlock your iDevice in case you don't want anyone to hear the unlocking sound then tweak is also very handy, but given the nature of the tweak it really can't be shown in screenshots but it does work and is yet again very easy to install and use, This is where "Pinch To Unlock" can be really useful.

This tweak has been answer to my prayer, I would hate unlocking my iPod Touch only to attract a bit of attention to yourself during class or any other place but this tweak has made it so that I can unlock my iPod Touch with a peep.

Now let's get down to the guide.

Step 1. Acquire "Pinch to Unlock" Via Cydia & Install it.

As with any other jailbreak tweak you will start by accessing Cydia on your iDevice's homescreen, and of course Cydia comes complimentary with any Jailbreak.

Once you have opened up and are running Cydia navigate to the "Search" tab on the bottom row and type

"com.daniel.pinchtounlock" without the " " you should get a single result and you will have to choose "Install" from the top right of the screen when you have chosen the tweak and then follow it up with "Continue" now let Cydia work its magic and upon successfully downloading and installing the tweak you will be prompted to "Restart Springboard" at the bottom center of the screen tap on it and wait for the lockscreen to appear.

Now you can straight away pinch zoom in or even out anywhere on the screen, it works either way and your device should and will unlock without making any sound.

While the tweak doesn't look like it has any importance now you will really appreciate it when you will want to subtly use your iDevice in a crowded place and don't like it when you turn a couple of heads your way when people hear your device unlocking.

I should also mention that the tweak only works if you have passcode disabled, if you pinch the screen with the passcode enabled you will have to enter the passcode and you will still get the unlocking sound.

The tweak is hosted on the modmyi repository on Cydia