iPhone SE 2’s Base Price and Hardware Specs Could Make It Apple’s Most Popular Model for 2020

Omar Sohail
Competitive iPhone SE 2 Price, Specs Could Make It a Popular 2020 Model

A lot of talk has surrounded the iPhone SE 2 price, stating that the $399 tag it’s rumored to come stamped with should end up making it a massively popular model among the masses. Of course, it’s not just the pricing, but the specifications that will also play a pivotal role in its future success. Now, according to the latest rumor, Apple predicts the iPhone SE 2 sales will hit an astonishing figure and considering that its mobile business has seen a drop in the last couple of quarters, it needs a product that can compete in both pricing and hardware specifications.

Apple Reportedly Predicts That iPhone SE 2 Sales Will Reach 30 Million in 2020

A report out of China reveals Apple’s supposed prediction of iPhone SE 2 sales reaching 30 million in 2020. Earlier, Ming-Chi Kuo estimated that 20 million units of the affordable model will be shipped in that 12-month period. He also stated that while 30 million was an achievable figure, it is an optimistic one. However, considering the iPhone SE 2 price and specifications combination, we believe it will be a lethal pairing in making the handset a successful one for 2020..

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Other iPhone SE 2 specs include 3GB of RAM, with 64GB or 128GB storage configurations. Of course, these internals aren’t going to be responsible for making the iPhone SE 2 into the powerhouse it’s expected to be because the hardware is also rumored to include the A13 Bionic. The same silicon fueling the 2019 iPhone range is also expected to be found in the affordable model and for a $399 starting price, it should be ideal for customers who want to gravitate from an Android device. If not that, it should be favored by users of older iPhone versions running older iOS updates, or even a degraded battery.

However, the iPhone SE 2 price did come at a cost and that’s something customers might have to get used to. For starters, the upcoming handset is expected to resemble the iPhone 8 and as such, it’s rumored to ship with a 4.7-inch LCD screen that will most likely be provided by LG. Since it will sport an older design, we shouldn’t expect Face ID to be part of the features, but instead, get used to the idea of unlocking the phone with Touch ID once again.

Then again, the iPhone SE 2 launch, which is expected to happen by the end of March 2020, isn’t going to be targeted to customers that want the latest and greatest model. Such consumers already have the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max waiting to be picked up, or the iPhone 12 family, depending on their patience.

Do you think the iPhone SE 2 price and specs combo could lead Apple to ship 30 million units in 2020? Let us know down in the comments.

News Source: GizChina

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