iPhone SE 2 Can Be Apple’s Most Popular Affordable Model, but New Report Shows Bigger Displays Will Always Be Preferred


Small-sized smartphones have slowly gone out of vogue. Thus, if you want a compact handset with decent specifications, your options are largely limited. However, Apple’s widely anticipated iPhone SE 2 might breathe a new life into this category. That said, a new report claims that there isn’t really a substantial market for small phones out there as most people now prefer larger handsets.

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The rumored iPhone SE 2 is tipped to come with a 4.7-inch display. Despite the small screen, the handset will apparently be big on specifications, inheriting the same processor as the last year’s flagships, the A13 Bionic. Sure, Apple will have to cut some corners to achieve the supposed $399 price tag, but as long as the performance is speedy, most users wouldn’t mind. That said, iPhone SE 2 might very well end up being a niche device because of the low demand for compact smartphones.

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According to multiple reports, larger phones continue to cannibalize the sales of smaller handsets. Estimates show that just about 10 to 15 percent of smartphone users actually want a phone with a screen measuring 5-inches or less. Compact phones are comfortable to use with just one hand and they also weigh less than their larger-screened counterparts.

However, larger displays offer more in terms of functionality. You can view more information at the same time without having to scroll a lot and even multi-task. Moreover, playing games and watching videos is much more enjoyable on larger handsets. Thus, it will be interesting to see if the iPhone SE 2 is able to revive the compact phones segment and whether Android manufacturers will follow suit. Although the original iPhone SE was received well by many, Apple discontinued it, which implies it wasn’t exactly a cash cow.

Will the successor do better the second time around? We will find out soon, as the phone is expected to come out this month, although the launch plans might get affected because of the coronavirus.

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News Source: cnBeta