Apple iPhone 8 Specifications To Include Full Glass Display And OLED As iPhone 7 Expected With Incremental Upgrades


With the pace of hardware upgrades expected to slow down this year, several quarters have been expecting this year's iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus upgrades from Apple to be incremental in nature. The recent rumors from Foxconn that Apple's run into problems w.r.t the rumored dual camera module on the iPhone 7 Plus further fan these claims and today some more research notes from the financial sector provide more information.

The iPhone 8 To Come With Major Specification Overhauls Including Capacitive Touch ID And More

When it comes to the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus, we've seen plenty of information surface so far. Apple's flagship upgrades for this year are expected to come with minimal design upgrades, redesigned rear cameras, upgraded processors and iPad Pro like connectivity for the larger iPhone 7 Plus. Until a few days back, we were also expecting a dual camera module on the larger device but some alleged information from Apple's primary manufacturing partner in China, Foxconn, has now put this bit in doubt.

Cupertino's run into some problems with the iPhone after all, as the company saw its growth decline for the first time in 13 years last quarter and with that we saw a more serious approach towards services and software at this year's WWDC. Not only did iOS 10 come with its fair share of upgrades, but we also saw Apple's desktop and mobile operating systems receive some integration, as both Siri and Apple Pay made it on the Mac. That coupled with significant overhauls to iMessage should provide some solace for Apple fans until the company introduces major iPhone upgrades next year, on the iPhone 8.


Now, according to a research note by investment bank Credit Suisse, Apple is expected to see a resurgence of strong iPhone growth next year. Just like current media sentiment, folks over at Credit Suisse also expect this year's iPhone to be an incremental upgrade over the 9th generation iPhone 6s, with major upgrades and overhauls reserved for next year by Apple. Analyst Kulbinder Garcha believes that the 2017 iPhone, to be dubbed as the iPhone 8 will see a variety of upgrades.

According to Garcha, "We see a number of features and upgrades, including an OLED [organic light-emitting diode] screen, full glass display, no home button, enhanced Taptic Engine, improved camera, and wireless charging in the iPhone 8. While this is some time away, we believe the iPhone 8 will be feature and specification rich. These features, coming potentially in September 2017 and even if in just a Pro version of the device, should drive an accelerated replacement cycle and draw in new users and should result in mix improvements."

If these upgrades do materialize, and Apple doesn't run into any technical problems like the iPhone 7 Plus' alleged dual camera, then we could very well see the return of the iPhone next year. However, its still well above a year until the device actually sees the light of day, so for now, we're going to have to do with the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus due this September. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned for the latest.