Watch How a YouTuber Transforms a Broken iPhone 8 Into an iPhone 12 – Video


With the new iPhone 12 series, Apple introduced a new design with squared edges. Moreover, we are not expecting the company to shift to a new design with the upcoming iPhone 13 series. However, if you have not embarked on the new design, you would be amazed to know that a YouTuber has transformed a broken iPhone 8 into a working iPhone with square edges, similar to the iPhone 12.

YouTuber Transforms Broken iPhone 8 And Adopts The iPhone 12 Design WIth Square Edges

Apple's iPhone 12 series have been taken quite well and there are numerous significant additions compared to the previous models. However, to a=make it stand out, Apple shifted the design from rounded edges to squared edges. While the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro along with iPhone 12 Pro Max did well in terms of sales, the iPhone mini production had to be slashed due to lower than expected demand. Now, watch how the YouTube channel Tech Ninja transforms the broken iPhone 8 to adopt the iPhone 12 design,

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It is pretty interesting to see how the user has completely revamped or transformed the broken iPhone 8 that adopts the design of the iPhone 12. It can be seen in the video embedded below how the shattered iPhone 8 was opened apart and all of its internals were placed into third-party housing. It is a custom housing designed for the iPhone 8 that resembles the chassis of the iPhone 12.

All the clips and screws were removed and the internals is taken out of the genuine housing. With utmost care and precision, the YouTuber places them inside the new iPhone housing so as not to damage the sensitive parts. The user made use of dedicated tools which made the whole operation possible. We would not recommend you to try try and pry open your iPhone unless you are a professional.

The user then redies the iPhone 8 internals in order to precisely integrate them in new housing that looks like the iPhone 12. The entire transformation is a treat to watch. You will notice that while the back of the device resembles the iPhone 12, the front seems to be the same with the Touch ID in the Home button. Henceforth, it is a pretty neat combination.

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