“Multi-Core 64-bit” Smartphone Teased by Qualcomm

Qualcomm is teasing a new 64-bit Android smartphone and it is not HTC Desire 510 which has already been announced by HTC. HTC recently announced its HTC Desire 510 with Snapdragon 410 processor. This next 64-bit Android treat is also coming to consumers thanks to HTC as the tease seems quite similar to the one used by HTC usually. This is a new device from the company that is about to be unveiled at IFA and Qualcomm is also teasing it with a strong and mysterious it's coming... 64-bit Android smartphone

Next 64-bit Android smartphone:

Desire 820 is being teased by HTC since last week; device is set for a release at IFA. Earlier rumored but now certain to be the next 64-bit Android smartphone, it is actually HTC's second to offer. Android fans are quite enthusiast about enjoying the OS and its capabilities on a 64-bit chip. Qualcomm has just started to tease the same device too with a pretty futuristic statement:

"We’re thinking about your future: a powered multi-core 64-bit smartphone is headed to ." - Qualcomm

This teaser while does not talk about HTC or mentions the device name, it clearly follows HTC's style and the teaser image Chinese retailer had used earlier to tease the Desire 820. 820 is rumored to be powered by an octa-core Snapdragon 615 - other details are quite unknown about the device.64-bit android smartphone

IFA is right around the corner and with the news of a second 64-bit Android smartphone device from HTC, it will be interesting if any other OEM has a 64-bit Android device up its sleeves too.

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