Huawei’s P8 Packs A Cannon Of A Rear Smartphone Camera Sensor Along With Powerful Hardware Specifications


Folks, it’s finally here; Huawei’s flagship smartphone, P8. Being the fourth largest smartphone maker in the world, the company has definitely invested a large portion of its efforts in rolling out its best offering yet. Enough fillers, let us get to the details of the company’s P8. First off, the handset measures just 6.4 mm in thickness, with a metal rim surrounding the chassis which improves its overall aesthetics. Plus, you will not be restricted to a single color, because Huawei’s P8 will be available to purchase in black, silver, grey and, gold.

Huawei P8 Features A 5.2 Inch Screen Size, 1080p And A Whole Lot Of Goodies

The Chinese tech sensation has done something commendable in our opinion. The handset radiates a 1080p display instead of a 1440p. While everything present inside the screen size will be displayed at a lesser degree of ‘eye candy’, the advantages of owning the smartphone will be that overall costs will be reduced, leading to a less expensive smartphone as well as reduced rate of battery life depletion. Performance will be delivered by the company’s own Kirin 930 SoC (the same one present in the company’s flagship tablet, MediaPad X2).

The chipset packs a powerful 2 GHz ARM Cortex-A53 octa-core processor along with 3 GB of RAM. Earlier, it was reported that Huawei did not incorporate a Cortex-A57 in its MediaPad X2 because it consumed 256 percent more power compared to Cortex-A53. As a result, the tech firm did the most prudent thing possible; up the clock speed of Cortex-A53 in order to maximize performance and in the process, reduce power consumption substantially.

Well, at least now we know that the device’s processor possesses the same clock speed as Elephone P7000, which only carries a price tag of $240. In addition, a 2,680 mAh battery has been added to provide the necessary amount of juice along with 16 GB of internal memory (expandable to 128 GB). In our opinion, the selling factors of Huawei’s P8 will be its ability to accommodate two 4G capable SIMs (one micro, one nano) and a powerful camera sensor.

The handset sports a 13 megapixel rear camera and according to the company, it provides the “best-in-class” optical image stabilization and a dual-color temperature flash that “mimics natural illumination,” supposedly. Additionally, the company has also stated that the P8 has the “world's first four-color RGBW sensor” since it has been paired with a DSLR-grade independent image processor, both of which are said to reduce photo noise and improve low-light performance, image contrast and realistic color representation. A new selfie mode enhances the results of pics from the 8 megapixel front facing camera, which is an added benefit for those who display a strong affinity for taking their own portraits continuously.

The P8 will be available to purchase in two variants. Both of them will be available to purchase in over 30 countries today. The standard version will feature 16 GB of storage and will be retailing for $530. The other one will possess 64 GB of internal storage and will carry a price tag of $635.

Image sources: Engagdet