2022 iPhone SE – Chipset Upgrade, 5G Ready, Affordable Price & More, Here Is Everything You Need to Know

Omar Sohail
2022 iPhone SE - Chipset Upgrade, 5G Ready, Affordable Price & More, Here Is Everything You Need to Know

At $399, the 2020 iPhone SE became Apple’s best smartphone offering from a price perspective, beating out several flagships in pure performance comparisons. Unfortunately, there were some missing features that the company is expected to address next year in the form of the 2022 iPhone SE while keeping some areas unchanged. The direct successor is reported to come with multiple upgrades, at least on the inside, while keeping that competitive pricing intact. Here is everything you need to know.

2022 iPhone SE Design

Unfortunately, those expecting Apple to introduce a design change to the 2022 iPhone SE will be sorely disappointed. It has been reported that the same iPhone 8 chassis used for the 2020 version will be utilized to mass produce its successor.

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In terms of keeping the costs low, it is an effective strategy, not just for Apple, but for its customers to have an opportunity to enter the ecosystem without spending a great deal of money. Then again, some of those customers would have been greatly enticed in seeing a new design for a low-cost iPhone, but on multiple occasions, including this one, sacrifices are required.

2022 iPhone SE Display

According to Ming-Chi Kuo and Ross Young, the iPhone SE 3 will stick with a 4.7-inch IPS LCD screen like its predecessor. It is likely the same display we have seen on the iPhone 8, which again checks the costs-saving strategy of Apple. While it is disappointing that we will likely not be seeing an OLED screen or support for a high refresh rate, it is all done to achieve that affordability factor. Fortunately, the specifications upgrade should be reason enough for customers to pick it up in droves.

2022 iPhone SE Specs

This area is what we consider to be the 2022 iPhone SE’s biggest selling point. While Ming-Chi Kuo pointed out in an earlier report that we should expect a chipset upgrade, he did not care to mention what exactly we were in store for. However, considering that the 2020 version features an A13 Bionic, we will not be surprised to see the A14 Bionic fuel the innards of the iPhone SE 3.

Not just this, but the report mentioned a 5G modem being a part of the specifications. With the iPhone 12 using a Snapdragon X55 and the iPhone 13 series reported to use the Snapdragon X60, we believe the 2022 iPhone SE using the existing Snapdragon X55 makes a ton of sense. For one thing, it is cheaper than the Snapdragon X65 or the Snapdragon X60. Secondly, it features mmWave and sub-6GHz support. At peak performance, the 5G modem can achieve up to 7Gbps download speeds and 3Gbps upload speeds.

That is significantly higher than the speeds any existing 5G networks can deliver, even when connected to mmWave nodes. On top of that, the Snapdragon X55 should be cheaper than Qualcomm’s newer modems. Therefore, using older but powerful parts to repurpose them for the 2022 iPhone SE will go a long way to ensure a competitive price tag, something that we will arrive at in just a while.

2022 iPhone SE Camera

While no concrete details are provided surrounding the iPhone SE 3’s camera, it will likely sport a 12MP, F/1.8 rear camera, and 7MP front shooter, just like the iPhone 8 and iPhone XR. While some might consider this as a significant downgrade, keep in mind that if the 2022 iPhone SE features the A14 Bionic, its photography and video capture abilities will go into the next gear.

The image signal processor and the Neural Engine in the A14 Bionic offer a bevy of software-based improvements, which will no doubt be helpful in churning out the best image quality for the upcoming low-cost iPhone. If we are lucky, Apple will port its night mode too, along with other useful features, which should attract more customers towards it.

2022 iPhone SE Price Details

With Kuo stating that the iPhone SE 3 will be the most affordable 5G-ready iPhone that Apple has released, one can speculate several figures for its pricing. At present, the iPhone 12 mini is the most affordable 5G-ready iPhone to purchase, with the brand new, unlocked model setting you back $699 in the U.S.

By using existing parts to save manufacturing and research costs, it will not be surprising for us if Apple were to target the $399 range for the 2022 iPhone SE, that is, for the base storage model. Even if Apple were to charge $499 for the 64GB model, it would still be miles ahead of any competing product in that price range, save for the lackluster design.

2022 iPhone SE Release Date & Colors

A report from JP Morgan’s supply chain analyst William Yang mentioned a H1, 2022 release, but no month or exact date was provided. We should assume Apple will proceed with a soft press release, just like it did with the 2020 version. As for the colors, the 2022 iPhone SE could arrive in the White, Black, and (PRODUCT)RED finishes if Apple just wants to deliver an iterative update.

Then again, the company could appeal to the younger generation by introducing various flavors such as Green, Blue, Purple like it did with the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini, though we would be more excited to see a Yellow finish added to the mix. Apple’s plans for the future might change drastically for the 2022 iPhone SE, so it is recommended to treat all this information with a pinch of salt, at least for now.

When the next year starts, we will have better knowledge of what is to launch in the first half, so stay tuned. After you are finished reading our roundup, you can check out this brilliantly designed concept of the iPhone SE that takes inspiration from the iPhone 12.

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