2021 iPhone SE Features an iPhone 12-Like Design With Flat Edges, Punch-Hole Camera, & Bezel-Less Display in New Concept

Omar Sohail
2021 iPhone SE Features an iPhone 12-Like Design With Flat Edges, Punch-Hole Camera, & Bezel-Less Display in New Concept

The 2021 iPhone SE isn’t expected until April, and we’re not quite sure what to expect in terms of its design. Fortunately, the latest concept shows what the upcoming budget-friendly model would look like if Apple took the same flat-edge design language of the iPhone 12 and applied it to this version, along with a few other changes. We’re sure you’re going to love this one, so have a look.

New 2021 iPhone SE Concept Uses 5.4-inch Display From the iPhone 12 mini and Shrinks the Bezels

If you ever wanted to see Apple’s iPhone SE get a modern design upgrade, look no further than Svetapple’s creation. The best features belonging to the iPhone 12 series, such as those flat edges and shrunken bezels, have made their way here, and we have to say, compared to the 2020 iPhone SE, this model is so much better to look at. Also, if you wanted a glimpse of Apple’s experimentation with a punch-hole style camera, here it is, in the flesh.

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In the 2021 iPhone SE concept, a punch-hole style doesn’t look bad by any means, but it’s not something Apple will go for. That’s because there still needs to be a notch at the front to house all the necessary sensors and components, so Apple won’t give them up just to give the user some extra screen real estate. The new concept also shows the 2021 iPhone SE available in various finishes, including a red one, which we believe looks the best out of all of them.


There’s also a single rear camera, which we believe Apple will use to sell the new model at a lower price. As for the actual 2021 iPhone SE, don’t actually believe the company will attempt to use this design to sell you its affordable model. We strongly believe that if Apple were to sell you something like this, it would repurpose the chassis of an iPhone XR, incorporate it with upgraded internals, and call it a day.

We’ll have to see exactly what Apple’s plans are for the future, but for now, let us know what you thought about the 2021 iPhone SE concept down in the comments.

News Source: Svetapple

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