120Hz Refresh Rate Displays May Not Arrive for iPhones Until 2022, Says Tipster

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120Hz Refresh Rate Displays May Not Arrive for iPhones Until 2022, Says Tipster

As most Android flagship smartphones for 2020 either ship with a 120Hz or 144Hz display, a majority of eyes will be converging on Apple when it unveils its upcoming iPhone 12 lineup just to see if the newer models will arrive with high refresh rate displays or not. Unfortunately, potential customers will be livid after hearing from a tipster that not just the iPhone 12 family, but even the 2021 iPhone range will not ship with 120Hz refresh rate displays. That’s a major disappointment, considering that even mid-range Android handsets feature 90Hz panels.

2022 ‘iPhone 13 Pro’ Rumored to Get 120Hz Refresh Rate Treatment

A tweet from Apple Lab in the form of a reply to iHacktu Pro talks about the 120Hz refresh rate display being ‘dead’ for all iPhone 12 models, as well as the iPhone 12S lineup for 2021. Apparently, Apple Lab thinks the new series launching in 2021 will be called the iPhone 12S instead of iPhone 13 but does mention in this tweet that the 2022 iPhone 13 Pro will get support for high refresh rate displays.

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Unfortunately, he hasn’t mentioned why Apple isn’t rumored to stick with high refresh rate displays for the iPhone 12. Keep in mind that Apple prefers quality hardware for its product lineup, which is why models like the iPhone 11 Pro Max receive an A+ award from screen calibration experts like DisplayMate. With BOE failing to deliver displays for the iPhone 12 series due to quality-related issues, it looks like a majority of those shipments will be provided by Samsung.

If what Apple Lab says is true, then it appears that even Samsung’s 120Hz OLED screens failed to pass the quality test phase, though we have confidence that Apple will be working closely with its supply chain to ensure that such displays are optimized in every manner before the official unveiling. If that doesn’t happen, then it looks like we’ll have to wait a couple of years for the 2022 iPhone 13 Pro to experience that fluid display.

Do you think Apple won’t use 120Hz refresh rate displays for its iPhone 12 family slated to arrive in September? Tell us down in the comments.

News Source: Twitter (Apple Lab)

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