NVIDIA Kepler GK104 Die-Size Unveiled, Smaller than Tahiti HD7900

Hassan Mujtaba
Posted 5 years ago

Charlie Demerjian over at SemiAccurate has revealed the die size of NVIDIA’s upcoming Kepler GK104 chip. According to him, the GK104 chip would measure 18-19mm x 18-19mm ranging to 324-361 mm 2 .


This means that the GK-104 chip would actually be smaller than the Tahiti Core chip which measures  365mm 2, Various rumors also suggest that the GPU based on the same GK-104 chip would perform similar to the HD7970 which means power efficiency would also be similar to the Tahiti consuming a tad bit more power than Fermi. A previous article from us suggests that the TDP would be somewhere around 225W in the GK-104 chip on a 28nm design.

An Alleged price around the $299 mark means that the same GK-104 graphic card would completely dominate the Performance segment market if the performance holds up as is rumored. The release date is expected sometime around March-April 2012 and yields won’t be much of an issue on Nvidia’s side. Expect more info as the launch date nears.

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