HardwareLeak 7 hours ago

Intel’s 6th Generation Skylake-S Processor Lineup Leaked – Core i7-6700K Lea…

Intel’s 6th generation Skylake-S processor lineup has been leaked, detailing 10 desktop processors which will be p…
ARM’s Cortex Designs Leaked. Includes 10 And 16 nm FinFET
GadgetsHardware 11 hours ago

ARM Unveils The Cortex A72 With Complete Design Overhaul And 75% Improved Efficiency

With things moving at a surprisingly fast pace in the mobile chipset world, ARM had recently revealed that the company h…
Apple Watch teardown
Gadgets 12 hours ago

Apple Watch Teardown Reveals Beautiful Engineering Behind This Miniscule Gadget

So the folks at iFixit travelled all the way to Australia to get their hands on the brand new and shiny gadget that is t…
AnalysisHardware 1 day ago

AMD Details Upcoming DX12 Features And Their Benefits – Async Shaders & Multi…

Microsofts Windows 10 is just around the corner and hence DirectX 12 is as well. Both will come as a bundle release as t…
Gears of War
GamesRumor 3 hours ago

Is Gears of War Getting an HD Remaster? It’s Not Improbable

There talk going around that point towards the possibility of an HD remaster for the original Gears of War. Polygon repo…
Games 4 hours ago

Steam Workshop Now Selling Skyrim Mods

With modifications of games being a growing industry Valve has seen fit to allow Skyrim content creators the option of s…
GeneralSoftware 5 hours ago

Apple Watch App Store Goes Live With 3000 Plus Apps

Chances to get an Apple Watch are rare due to its launch feasibility reaching out to only nine countries which includes …
Games 7 hours ago

The Best Star Wars Mods and Conversions Available

The release of DICE’s addition to the Star Wars Battlefront landscape is imminent, so  it’s only natural to look at…
AnalysisRumor 8 hours ago

Nokia Will Host Android To A Comeback In 2016

Nokia had been a victim of severe competition between Android and iOS which lead to its demise in the previous years. No…
samsung galaxy s6 logo
Gadgets 8 hours ago

The Next Galaxy To Come With Dual Camera According To Latest Information

After the successful launch of the Galaxy S6 Duo this year, Samsung’s eager to build on its much improved reputati…
GadgetsRumor 9 hours ago

Apple to Refresh 4-inch iPod touch with A7 Chip, Improved Camera and Touch ID

It’s been long since we last heard any news showering some love on the iPod touch. From the new Macbook to the fr…
Console War
AnalysisGamesHardware 10 hours ago

The Console War: PS4 UK Drops Prices to £289 While Xbox Revenues Down 24% For Third Qua…

The PS4 and the Xbox One have been going head to head for a long time now. Ever since the release of the consoles back i…
GadgetsLaunch 10 hours ago

Waterproof Apple Watch Comes Out Unscathed from Dips, Showers, and Swims

What a beauteous thing you are, Australia! Not very surprisingly Apple Watch decided to reach the island before anywhere…
GadgetsLaunch 11 hours ago

Apple Watch Available in Some Stores Worldwide – Here are the Early Unboxing Image…

Apple Watch is finally here after a long wait of eight months and unsurprisingly, there’s no first day rush at the…
General 11 hours ago

The World’s Most Powerful Telescope Is Going To Launch In 2018

We have seen many big and powerful telescopes over the years allowing us to explore other galaxies and beyond but NASA i…
Games 11 hours ago

Telltale Games and Marvel Coming Together For a New Game

Marvel and Telltale Games are going to be getting together to create a game in the Marvel Universe that should be availa…
Batman (1)
Games 12 hours ago

Batman Arkham Knight Gorgeous 4K Screenshot Shows the Visual Splendor of the Arkham Fina…

Warner Bros and Rocksteady have released a new 4K screenshot for Batman: Arkham Knight. The PC Minimum, Recommended and …
Games 12 hours ago

And We’re Done! Beatboxrs Plays Elder Scrolls Online, Come Watch!

[Update] And we’re done folks. Thanks for tuning in for a great stream. You can of course continue to watch for gr…
Blizzard (4)
Games 12 hours ago

Blizzard to Be Present at Gamescom 2015 with Over 500 Game Stations

Blizzard Entertainment has announced its biggest Gamescom presence to date, at gamesom 2015, where Blizzard will have ov…






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