It Looks Like Pagers Are Still Common In Nuclear Power Plants and This Is a Great Threat To Security

It seems that nuclear power plants and other similar critical infrastructure may be vulnerable to hacking due to their reliance on ancient technology which many youngsters don’t even recognize today:…

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Nintendo Switch Dock Won’t Support USB Hard Drives, Console To Support Micro SDXC Cards – Rumor

Earlier today, it’s been confirmed that other important Nintendo Switch details will be coming during a special Nintendo Switch Presentation that will be held on January 12th, such as release…

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Coronal Hole In The Sun Has Supercharged The Aurorae – Watch The Amazing Sites Tonight!

Officials announced yesterday that a ‘moderate’ geomagnetic storm would hit Earth and would gradually grow weaker over the next couple of days. This storm is caused by the Earth’s transition…

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Kotick: Activision (NASDAQ:ATVI) “5 Times Bigger Than Netflix”

Activision Blizzard (NASDAQ:ATVI) CEO Bobby Kotick had big words for anyone who would listen at Vanity Fair’s New Establishment Summit last week, claiming that his network is about five times…

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T-Mobile Is Giving You an Unbelievable 50% Discount on the Google Pixel

T-Mobile is back with yet another offer, and this one will allow you to save up to 50 percent on your Google Pixel purchase. Here’s how the offer is going…

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The Witcher 3 New Super Turbo Lighting Mod 2.3 Video Showcases Beautiful Reworked Lighting System

One of the most impressive mods now available for The Witcher 3, the popular role playing game by CD Projekt Red released last year on PC and consoles, is the…

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Knack PS4 Pro Update Inbound; Very “Clean” And “Smooth” Says Cerny

A Knack PS4 Pro update is on its way judging from a recent interview with Sony’s PS4 lead architect, Mark Cerny. Technology website Engadget recently conducted an interview with Cerny…

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Surface Book i7 Performance Base Is Responsible for Giving More Battery to the Notebook

The announcement of Microsoft’s Surface Book i7 included an upgraded processor coupled with a new GPU that completely blows the GTX 940MX found inside the previous generation notebook. Microsoft has…

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Dark Souls III DLC: Ashes of Ariandel Review – Epic but Short

There are two perspectives to take here; if you are the Souls lore fan, one who clamors for precious mentions of the Hollow land of Londor, then Dark Souls III’s…

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Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 Will Let You Interrogate Enemies for Intel; New Gameplay Video Released

CI Games recently delayed Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3, their open world FPS tactical shooter, to April 4th, 2017. The publisher cited the need of properly optimizing the game across all…

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One Of The Most Violent Battles In The Eta Carinae Stellar System Has Been Photographed In Hi-Resolution

It has been a long time since a major stellar battle happened. Astronomers have managed to photograph a similar violent war that has raged on and off for ages. The…

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Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Won’t Feature Ban And Protect System; New UI Shown And More

The multiplayer portion of recent Call of Duty games is what it clearly defines each game, and things won’t be any different for the soon to be released Call of…

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Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) Reports Third Quarter Results: Surprise Profitability Driven By Phenomenal Growth in Revenue

Tesla has seen an absolutely phenomenal quarter with revenue jumping sharply to 2.3 Billion USD. This marks an approximately 81% increase quarter over quarter and an approximately 145% year over…

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Nintendo To Reveal “Major” Nintendo Switch Details Including Price, Launch Date & Games In January

Nintendo has announced that it will reveal “major details” for the recently unveiled Nintendo Switch at the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017. Nintendo announced the special Switch presentation via their official…

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Gravity Rush 2 Gets Lots of New Screenshots and Information

Gravity Rush 2 just received a boatload of new information and screenshots via the official PlayStation Facebook page. The action/adventure game with RPG elements has been recently delayed from its…

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Bethesda Will “Continue To Push” Fallout 4 & Skyrim Mods On All Platforms To “Work The Same”

Bethesda will keep pushing mods for Skyrim Special Edition and Fallout 4 to work alike on all platforms, including PS4. Pete Hines, Bethesda’s VP of public relations, said this on…

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Everything Microsoft Announced at Today’s Windows 10 and Surface Event

Microsoft took the tech industry by a storm today with its Surface Studio. While the Apple side of the spectrum is a little dull on expectations for a new desktop, Microsoft…

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How to Watch / Live Stream Apple’s ‘Hello Again’ Keynote

Here’s how you can live stream and watch Apple’s ‘Hello Again‘ Mac event on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Windows PC or Apple TV. Apple Will Be Live Streaming…

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Nintendo (TYO:7974) Earnings Bring Mixed Relief/Angst to Investors

Just when investors thought that Nintendo (TYO: 7974) may be turning the corner, a strong Yen comes along to steal any thunder the company may have been banking on. Nintendo…

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MMO Tactical Combat Game Tiger Knight: Empire War Is Out Now on Steam Early Access

Western publisher Oasis Games announced that Tiger Knight: Empire War is available now on Steam Early Access as a free-to-play (F2P) game. This is a PvP focused multiplayer game that reenacts…

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Here’s Everything We Expect to See at Apple’s October 27 Event

It has been almost 600 days since Apple refreshed its MacBook Pro lineup, and tomorrow, for the time it took the company to introduce new models, upgraded features are probably…

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Here’s Your First Look at the Officially Licensed PlayStation 4 Pro Controllers

Just a couple of days ago, Mark Cerny announced that Sony had no plans to create a PlayStation 4 “Elite” controller. However, it sounds like they’re not opposed to third…

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Lara Croft to be Entered in the Golden Joystick Hall of Fame

It’s been a good year for our favorite raider of tombs. We just got word that Lara Croft, the protagonist of the beloved Tomb Raider franchise, will enter the Golden Joystick…

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AirPods Have Been Delayed, Not Releasing in October

Apple AirPods have been delayed, the company has confirmed in a statement. The AirPods were originally set for a ‘late October’ launch. You Won’t Be Able to Buy the AirPods…

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Google Claims Pixel Pre-Orders Have Caused Expected Delays

Google probably wasn’t expecting both its Pixel and Pixel XL to sell this well, and that’s not a good thing either. The shipments of the pre-orders have once again been…

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Physicists May Have Found The Majorana Fermion After Eight Decades

Almost 8 decades ago an Italian physicist proposed an extraordinary idea that a particle could exist as both matter and anti-matter simultaneously. This is referred to as Majorana fermion. This…

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OnePlus 3T Leaked to Be More Expensive Than Regular OP3 – Features Better Internals

It’s more than possible that OnePlus might be keeping secrets from us. The founder of the company, Carl Pei continues to state that there isn’t going to be another high-end…

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GTA Online Cheaters Got Their Accounts Drained, But You Can Get 250K of In-Game Cash By Logging in

I guess we’re going to have to earn our money the old-fashioned way like robbing banks. Some GTA Online players were surprised to find that billions of all their dirty money…

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IEA Reports Show That Renewable Energy Surpasses Conventional Forms of New Power Generation

According to a new report, last year was a great time for renewable energy. Not only did it surpass coal and became the largest source of power in the world,…

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How to Take Screenshots on Google Pixel and Pixel XL – Android Tips & Tricks

Got the new Google’s Pixel or Pixel XL? It’s time you dive right into it and show off what the brand new smartphone and its exclusive software features can do.…

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Legion Patch 7.1 For World of Warcraft Now Live In Both The US and EU

Legion patch 7.1 “Return to Karazhan” for World of Warcraft is now live in both the US and EU. The first patch for Legion was rolled out for US players…

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Edge Of Eternity PC Alpha To Be Released Soon, 2017 Release Date Confirmed

Midgar Studio, the French team currently working on indie JRPG tribute Edge Of Eternity, has bee hard at work on their game in these past few months, and it seems…

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Battlefield 1 PC / Console Versions Compared; PS4 Sports Better IQ, X1 More Stable Framerate

Battlefield 1 is finally available in all regions and on all platforms, and players all over the world can finally enjoy the exciting first person experience set in World War…

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Apple To Announce ‘Watch List’ Apple TV App Tomorrow For Easier Content Discovery

Apple is said to announce new MacBook Pro models tomorrow, which will be updated internally as well as externally. Even though the event’s focus is on the hardware aspect, the…

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iPhone 8 Reported to Come in a Total of Three Models, Including 5-Inch Variant

Apple is going to celebrate its 10th-year iPhone anniversary in style, with the release of not two, but a total of three iPhone 8 models. According to the latest report,…

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3D, Gaming & People: The Biggest Features Coming with Windows 10 Creators Update

Microsoft announced the next major upgrade coming to Windows 10 at its New York City Surface event today. Calling it the Windows 10 Creators Update, the next version will be…

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Microsoft Adds Tournaments with Arena and Broadcasting with Beam into Windows 10 & Xbox

During today’s event, Microsoft announced a number of new gaming features coming to both Windows 10 and Xbox One via the Creators Update. The first one is called Arena and…

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Microsoft To Partner With Top PC Makers To Build Innovative VR Headsets Starting Cheap

Microsoft’s Surface PC event is happening and the company has announced new hardware as well as updated its software platform. The company also unveiled a new Paint 3D app that…

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Microsoft Unleashes the Surface Studio: Takes on the Apple iMac with an Ultra Thin Design and Killer Performance

In addition to announcing the Surface Book i7, Microsoft also unveiled its first ever all-in-one machine named the Surface Studio. Boasting an incredibly thin form factor, but a very crisp…

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Bethesda To Release Game Review Copies One Day Before Release From Now On

From now on, publisher Bethesda will be releasing game review copies for the media one day before the game’s launch. Bethesda announced this on their official website earlier. According to…

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Microsoft Surface Book i7 Brings More Graphics and Processing Firepower in a Compact Form Factor

With the announcement of the Microsoft Surface Book i7, the software giant has managed to cram in more firepower inside its first ever laptop, while keeping the form factor the…

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Microsoft Unveils New Paint 3D That Lets You Create, Import, and Share 3D Content

Microsoft’s October 26th event is happening right now and the company is on the verge of announcing new software updates as well as new hardware. The first in line is…

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Phil Spencer on Alan Wake 2: Remedy Has To Want to Make the Game

Alan Wake 2 primarily depends on Remedy Entertainment’s willingness to start development on the game. That’s what Head of Xbox Division Phil Spencer said in an interview with Stevivor. How…

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Microsoft Announces Windows 10 Creators Update, Coming Early 2017 for Free

Redstone 2, what Redstone 2. Microsoft is going all creative with the next release to its Windows 10 operating system. At its event in New York City today, the company…

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