AMD Logo
GamesHardware 7 hours ago

AMD: The Biggest Factor in Pushing 4K Gaming Forward is the Evolution of GPU Horsepower

While the latest video game consoles continue to dominate the video game industry with their growing sales, PC gaming is…
Nvidia G-SYNC logo
Hardware 20 hours ago

Nvidia G-Sync Mobility Technology Will Not Require Dedicated Module – Raises Quest…

Wow, this is shaping up to be a really bad week for Nvidia. First there is the entire (currently ongoing) Geforce GTX 97…
Intel Devil's Canyon Logo
Hardware 1 day ago

Intel 2015-2016 Roadmap Reveals Skylake-S Unlocked Processors In Q3 2015 – 65W Bro…

It seems like the yearly processor refresh is approaching us soon in Q2 2015 with several updates planned by Intel for t…
General 2 hours ago

Windows 10 will support Tablets and Smartphones having Octa-Core processors

On January 21, Windows 10 was unleashed for smartphones and desktops. In the coming month, Window 10’s test version fo…
General 15 hours ago

MRI Scan Shows That Psychopaths are Unaffected by Punishment

A new MRI study recently discovered that violent lawbreakers having psychopathic tendencies are not really affected by p…
Samsung Smart Watch
General 1 day ago

Galaxy S6 will be an “innovative premium handset”, says Samsung officials

After different pretended Galaxy S6 mock-ups, that we presented earlier, nowadays a glassier look, called for being upco…
AMD Radeon Nvidia GeForce Logo
Hardware 2 days ago

AMD Offering Discounts To Former GTX 970 Owners Following Memory Controversy

AMD is offering special discounts on Radeon graphics cards to GTX 970 owners who decide to return their cards over the 3…
Xbox One
Games 2 days ago

Microsoft Likely Developing ‘Magical, Delightful’ Next-Gen Technology for Xbox One

We already know that besides working steadily to improve the performance of the latest eighth generation Xbox One video …
Dying Light
Games 2 days ago

Dying Light Face-Off: PC vs PS4 vs Xbox One Screenshot and Video Comparison

You might already be slaying zombies in Techland’s brand new open world survival horror video game called Dying Light,…
Logo Playstation Store
Games 2 days ago

Reason to be Happy You Bought a PlayStation Device: February’s Free Games

February is a very good upcoming month for PlayStation gamers as the PS team is offering awesome free games if you’…
GadgetsGames 2 days ago

Sony confirms to remove few PS Vita Features

Conventionally, when a console gets outdated, the manufacturer adds compatible apps and new features for users to downlo…
GadgetsSoftware 2 days ago

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Wins Over Note 4 For Android 5.0 OTA Update

Samsung’s flagship for the year 2013, Galaxy Note 3 gets the official Android 5.0 OTA release in several regions. Acco…
Hardware 2 days ago

AMD Godavari APU Lineup Leaked – A10-8850K To Lead The Pack, 12 APUs Planned For S…

AMD’s upcoming Godavari APU lineup has been leaked by VR-Zone ahead of its launch in summer, this year. The new Go…
Dying Light
Games 3 days ago

Error Fixes for Dying Light PC; Stuttering, FPS Drops, Lag, DLL Crash, Sound Issues, and…

Dying Light has finally hit the local shelves, and at last, fans of open world survival horror video games are getting t…






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