Nvidia Kepler “GT-600” to Unveil in Q1 2012

Fudzilla has confirmed that Nvidia's Next Generation 28nmKepler based GT-600/ GT-700 Series will be arriving in Q1 2012. Nothing's official so far from the green team but it is also expected that some kind of announcement or release dates are expected to be unveiled at the upcoming CES 2012 event.

Just like last year, Nvidia may announce some news of its Kepler based 28nm GPU's at CES 2012 as a closed door presentation to some selected press members. The GPU's we can expect to unveil at CES may be the High End GK-100/GK-112 which is rumored to be faster than AMD's HD7970 "Tahiti XT" GPU which launches at CES on 9th January 2012 or the GK-104 performance segment chip which would replace the GF-114 based GTX 560/560Ti GPU's.

According to Ozero.com, The GK-104 would come with significant architectural tweaks and clock speed would hit near the 1Ghz mark featuring 640-768 Shader Units (Cuda Cores), 80-96 texture units (TMUs), Memory interface would most likely remain GDDR5 ~ 256-  384-bit. Performance is expected to be a bit better then the current fastest Geforce GTX580 GPU. GK-100 on the other hand is set to pack a beastly 1024 Cuda Processors and most probably a 2GB - 4GB Memory buffer along a 512-bit wide memory interface. Following is the list of Nvidia's 28nm chips:

  • Gk100/Gk112 : Flagship Single Core GPU, 1024 Cuda Cores, Supports PCI Express Gen.3 -
  • Gk110 : Dual Chip GK104 × 2, supports PCI Express Gen.3
  • Gk104 : Performance GPU, supports PCI Express Gen.3
  • Gk106 : Mainstream GPU, supports PCI Express Gen.3
  • Gk107 : Entry GPU , supports PCI Express Gen.2

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