NVIDIA GeForce Kepler GK-104 Specifications Leaked, Features 256-bit Memory Bus and 225W TDP


Chinese site inpai.com.cn has leaked specifications of NVIDIA's upcoming Kepler based GK-104 chip which would be the company's latest GPU made on the 28nm fabrication process.

According to the site, The GK-104 Chip would feature a 256-bit memory bus and a rated TDP of 225W. Now the interesting thing is that the GK-104 is a direct replacement to the GF-114 (GTX560Ti) which suggests its a Performance Tier Graphic Card and Nvidia plans to launch it in Q1 2012, The same card is rumored to be as fast as AMD's current flagship HD7970 Graphic Card which was released a few weeks ago.

Another set of details were leaked a few days ago which suggested a GK-104 based product a.k.a GTX680 would feature 2GB memory and a clock speed of 780Mhz similar to GTX580. However, A 2GB memory buffer with 256-bit interface makes less sense. Details from 3Dcenter suggested that the GK-104 could either have a 256-bit or 384-bit wide interface so it could be that the 256-bit variant is a 560Ti replacement and 384-bit GPU would be a replacement to GTX580.

Nvidia also has a High End chip codenamed GK-110 details of which are nowhere to be found but it is a completely different chip and would be the flagship of the Kepler series GeForce cards, The Dual Flagship GPU is also expected to pack two GK-104 chips (384-bit x2). Official details are expected within the upcoming months.

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