Xbox Edinburgh and ‘Count’ Codenames Have Been Discovered in the Xbox One OS


References to Xbox ‘Edinburgh’ and ‘Count’ have recently been discovered in the Xbox One OS, possibly referring to the codenames of upcoming Xbox consoles.

Over the past few months, we’ve written quite a bit about Microsoft’s rumored Xbox ‘Lockhart’ console that has yet to be confirmed. While Microsoft hasn’t officially mentioned the ‘budget’ version of its Xbox Series X console, references in the company’s latest Game Development Kit and Windows OS Libraries, highly suggest that Project Lockhart is the real thing.

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As Spotted by software developer @bllyhlbrt and Windows Central’s Jez Corden, references to more Xbox codenames appear to have been found in the Xbox One Operating System.

References to both 'Edinburgh' and 'Count' in the Xbox One OS

Aside from references to Xbox Lockhart (likely the Xbox Series S), Xbox Anaconda (Xbox Series X), and the rumored ‘Dante’ devkit that allows developers to access a special Lockhart profiling mode, the Xbox OS seemingly also mentions ‘Edinburgh’ and ‘Count’.

At the time of writing, it’s unclear whether these codenames refer to actual new hardware or form factors. As pointed out by Twitter user ‘Kirby0Louise’, there’s the possibility that ‘Lockhart’ is the codename of the Xbox Series S devkit with ‘Edinburgh’ being the codename of the retail version of the console. This would be in line with Microsoft’s capital city naming of previous ‘S’ model variants. After all, Microsoft’s Xbox One S was codenamed Xbox ‘Edmonton'. While we might have some leads for ‘Edinburgh’, the ‘Count’ codename remains a mystery at this point.

We’ll likely hear more about Microsoft’s rumored Xbox Series X, aka Lockhart, during this month’s Xbox Series X First-Party event. Let’s hope that we’ll also learn more about these new project names.

As always, we will keep updated once more info comes in on the next-gen consoles, including the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.