Xbox Series S/Lockhart Appears In The Latest Microsoft Game Development Kit Release Notes

Francesco De Meo
Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series S/Lockhart name has appeared once again, providing more evidence of the console's existence.

The rumored console is mentioned in the June 2020 Microsoft Game Development Kit release notes, as spotted by TitleOS. Lockhart's Profiling Mode is named alongside the Anaconda's Profiling Mode.

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As Anaconda is the Series X codename, this leaves very little doubt on what Lockhart is. With so many mentions, the only thing that is left for Microsoft is to finally announce the Xbox Series S.

According to rumors that are circulating online, the Xbox Series S/Lockhart will be half the price of the Series X. The console, with its lower price, will be a key device in Microsoft's next-gen strategy, as Microsoft will make up for losses by getting a higher cut on digital sales and Game Pass subscriptions.

Last I heard it be half the price of the XSX and last i heard MS were prepared for a $400 XSX. I am not sure what the final price will be. I think if sony is $500/$600 MS may try to go in at $200/$400/$500 but we will see

That's why I think Lockheart is a key device in their strategy. Its low cost gateway that they can control to make sure the hardware can handle their new compression techniques they will employee with xcloud over the next few years. The plan for Lockheart is to get into price categories they were never able to hit before and I believe based on listening between the lines that they expect lockheart to at some point make it down to fire tv size . Also the size of the first lockheart will surprise everyone.

The Xbox Series S has yet to be announced. We will keep you updated on the console, so stay tuned for more.

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