Xbox Series X Design Allows the Console to Run Quietly and Efficiently; Xbox Series S Is 40% Smaller Than the One S


New information on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S design have been shared today, revealing some additional details on the cooling system, among other things.

With a post on the Official Xbox website, Microsoft shared more on the Xbox Series X design and how it makes it possible for the console to run quietly and efficiently.

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The team got lots of great feedback from the customers they shared the Xbox Series X prototypes with, so it was time to dive into the work of solving the technical challenges that came with it. Xbox Series X features the most powerful System on Chip (SoC) ever from Xbox, and creatively cooling that chip with a single axial fan is what unlocked the solution to the form. By splitting the motherboard in half and bolting each side to the central aluminum chassis, the team was able to pull a huge amount of air through the entire system at a low enough acoustic level to keep the console running quietly and efficiently.

For the Xbox Series S, the team wanted to create the most compact Xbox console ever. While the internal layout takes advantage of the technology used for the Xbox One S, the next-gen console is 40% smaller than the current-gen one.

For the design of the Xbox Series S, the team took the opportunity of designing a console for digital first gamers to rethink and reshape the overall form of the device, with a laser focus on making it the most compact Xbox ever. Although the internal layout leverages many of the efficiencies developed for the Xbox One S, by reshaping the power supply and removing the disc drive, the Series S is 40% smaller than the One S.

The Xbox Series S is so small that it can easily fit a backpack, making it extremely easy to carry around.

Designing in this flexibility gives our customers options on how they configure their gaming setup- the compact nature of the Series S means it will fit in, and travel more easily between, more environments than any Xbox before. It easily slips in a backpack or small bag and lets you take a next generation console quality gaming experience with you.

A few new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S images have also been shared online today. You can find them right below.


The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S release on November 10th worldwide.