Customizable Quick Actions and Improved Settings UI Coming to Windows 10 Mobile Redstone


Working on Redstone updates for both its Windows 10 for PC and Mobile operating systems, Microsoft has been giving its users some glimpses into what should we expect in terms of new features and system improvements. Microsoft is planning to bring in a number of new features and enhancements to the operating systems, making them not only more stable but also feature-rich. A latest Insider Preview sent to Windows 10 PC showcased many of the planned new features for the desktop operating system, including the ability to run Ubuntu natively on Windows 10.remotely lock Windows 10 Mobile 10586.71

Windows 10 Mobile Redstone to improve the UI and Action Center

The mobile operating system is still waiting for a major Insider Preview release, as Microsoft couldn't deliver Windows 10 Mobile build 14316 due to a breaking cellular data bug. While we wait for the release of an Insider Preview, a new report has shared some of Microsoft's plans for Windows 10 Mobile Redstone. Citing unnamed sources, folks at MSPoweruser say that the Action Center in Windows 10 Mobile Redstone will receive a significant update, among other things. We already heard reports and saw Microsoft shifting its focus to improving the Action Center in Windows 10 Desktop. The company has also added support for Android devices with Windows 10 Notifications. An improved Action Center for Windows 10 Mobile Redstone was also expected to come our way.

The report suggests that along with notification syncing and an improved UI, Windows 10 Mobile Redstone will also introduce new features for Quick Actions. The expanded menu will be customizable simply by dragging and dropping the icons into user-preferred order. Currently, only the bottom row can be customized.

With Redstone, Microsoft will allow users to customize the order of quick actions even when the panel is expanded.

[...] Microsoft has implemented a drag-and-drop user interface, which allows users to easily customize the order of quick actions by tapping and holding a quick action, and moving it around.

Windows 10 Mobile Redstone

The report further says that the ability to customize the order of the Quick Actions is only available through System Settings, in the current test builds.

Our sources state that the ability to customize the order of the Quick Actions isn’t available right in the Action Center just yet, and users will have to go to Settings to change the order of the quick actions.

Windows 10 Mobile Redstone

Bringing the customization options for Quick Actions to Settings, Microsoft is also working on improving the Settings app, including introducing some new icons for the sub menus.

Windows 10 Mobile Redstone

Microsoft's Gabe Aul tweeted earlier that a new PC Preview build might be released this week, but there is still no word about when we would get a new Windows 10 Mobile Redstone build. It is not known if the improvements shared in this report will be part of the next Insider Preview build, or if we would have to wait longer to see an improved Settings menu and customizable Quick Actions.

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