Water Resistance Proves to be the Unsung Feature of Latest iPhone 6 Duo

Rafia Shaikh

Whenever a new iPhone is launched, it is expected that the device would carry any new features introduced in the Samsung flagship, which always precedes iPhone launch. Past year has been all about the durability, ruggedness, water and dust resistance capabilities that OEMs offer in the new smartphones. Sony introducing the water-resistance in its popular Xperia series was followed by Korean tech giant launching a water-resistant Samsung Galaxy S5. However, no such thing was included in the features of the latest iPhone 6 models. Turns out, iPhone 6 can definitely take a dunk or two in the water without any ill-effects even if it's not being branded as a waterproof iPhone 6.waterproof iphone 6

Waterproof iPhone 6 test:

We shared with you the iPhone 6 teardown done by the folks at iFixit. iPhone 6 teardowns have so far revealed the manufacturing cost of the device along with some other details. However, iFixit also found out that the latest iPhone 6 models have rubber gaskets covering some key parts within the interiors. The rubber gaskets were then assumed to be helpful for the durability of the smartphones considered responsible for protecting life of critical components inside.

This was followed rather adventurously by the warranty firm SquareTrade who bravely dunked both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones in a tub of water for some 10 seconds. Ten seconds are usually enough for someone who has dropped the iPhone in the water to get it out - unless you have to swim to get it. Both the smartphones work all fine after being submerged in the water for a few seconds. Of course it cannot make the phone waterproof or enable it for underwater photography, it does give you some peace of mind that your expensive gadget wouldn't die on you after an accidental touch with the water.

In any case, we wouldn't encourage you to try this with your smartphones as we can never be sure if the devices would start getting problems after a while. If they don't, all good and happy but please to not risk your phone deliberately. However, you can perhaps risk texting in the bath anyway.

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