iPhone 6 Plus Teardown Reveals 1.36 GHz A8, 1GB RAM and a Bigger Battery

Rafia Shaikh

iPhone 6 Plus teardown has finally arrived revealing some details about the processor, random access memory, and the battery of the larger iPhone. Here are the details of what "new" bits have come through this latest iPhone 6 Plus teardown.iphone 6 plus teardown

iPhone 6 Plus teardown:

Apple launched its larger iPhone variants this year with a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and a 5.5-inch phablet 6 Plus. While the latter is quite a larger phone, it was rumored that it too would sport only a GB of RAM. iPhone 6 Plus teardown confirms this bit as Apple has definitely fit a 1 GB RAM in the 6 Plus. This iPhone 6 Plus teardowncomes through iFixit, a site exclusively known for tearing apart every new device that comes on the dock and then revealing some awaited details of the hardware inside.iphone 6 plus teardown

iFixit's iPhone 6 Plus teardown shares another bit and that is about battery. The battery fitted inside the body of iPhone 6 Plus is quite a large one, in fact, it's double the size of iPhone 5s battery. The iPhone 6 Plus battery is 2,915 mAh, while the iPhone 6 measures at 1,810 mAh. iFixit notes that there are no booby traps inside the device once the front panel is removed. It also mentions that the device layout is quite similar to that of the iPhone 5s. Of course, it's a larger one.

Geekbench benchmark of iPhone 6 Plus confirms that the device comes with a 1.36GHz A8 processor with a 1GB RAM. iPhone 6 Plus teardown, thus, confirms a larger battery, somewhat unexpected RAM size, and processor details that weren't shared at the keynote.

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Source: iFixit

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