Watch Dogs PC vs Console Face-Off: Ultra Settings on PC Very Slightly Outshine Console Version

This year's biggest open world action-adventure video game by Ubisoft is finally out and available for millions of gamers across the world. The game went on internet for download about a week ago from now and we got tons of early in-game Watch Dogs screenshots and gameplay videos from final as well as beta version of the game. Below are some Watch Dogs screenshots from PlayStation 4 and PC versions.

Watch Dogs PC vs Console Face-Off: PC Version Is Very Slightly Better Than the Console Version

Ubisoft's brand new hacker-themed IP was originally aimed to release last year along with the next-gen consoles but pointing at the need of further polishing, the developer pushed the game back into 2014. Keeping the community updated with the development progress, Ubisoft Montreal stated earlier this year that utilizing great console potential, Watch Dogs will look visually stunning across PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

According to the developer, Watch Dogs is one of those games that look almost same on PC and next-gen consoles. Many gamers have been wondering how this claim holds up now when the game is actually released and PC gamers are rocking it on their high-end setups. Here's a side-by-side direct-feed screenshot comparison between PlayStation 4 and PC versions on the game showing how the console version of the game holds up against PC version running on ultra settings.

The screenshots below, demonstrating the differences between two versions of the game, come from HardCoreGamer. In each pair, the screenshot at the top, rendered at 1080p, is from the PC version running on Ultra settings with Temporal SMAA. The screenshot below comes Directly from Watch Dogs running on PlayStation 4. For closer analysis, open the screenshots in new tab for viewing in full size.


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