Watch Dogs Torrent Riddled With a Bitcoin Miner, Installing Malware on Thousands of PCs

If you have recently been around the world of piracy, you might already be downloading or playing Ubisoft's upcoming open-world hacking adventure video game. Watch Dogs torrents are already out for those who like to download video games directly from the internet and play it on their PCs or previous-gen modded consoles. But if you really have/are downloading Watch Dogs for your PC via some torrent, here is a lousy news for you.

Watch Dogs Torrent Leaks Installing a Bitcoin Miner and Malware on Thousands of PC - Increased Power Consumption and Computer Crashes Reported

It happened with Grand Theft Auto V's pirated fake torrent copies and now it is happening with Watch Dogs. Ubisoft's most anticipated video game is being downloaded via torrents by thousands of people around the globe, but the bummer is, these torrents are riddled with some cruddy malware, that take away all your good times with your fast PC. Not only that, these malware help the torrent uploaders to generate bucks while your PC does the hard job.

Bitcoin miners is the latest trend in the world of viruses, and it seems like somebody just decided to take upon the trend and make some quick coin from the pirated version of Watch Dogs. Ironically, this seems almost befitting keeping in mind that Watch Dogs is all about hacking and heinous technological intrusions, though falling prey to this hack would probably not be very entertaining.

One of the most seeded Watch Dogs torrent copies that has been downloaded thousands of time is reported to come bundled with a Bitcoin mining virus that creeps into the computer of its victims. Troubling the unlucky Watch Dogs players with Blue Screen crashes and unstable PCs, this malware reportedly increases CPU power consumption around 25% by running a process named “winlogin.exe"; which should not be confused with a legitimate windows process known as “winlogon.exe”.

Reports say that the Bitcoin mining, that PCs of the victims are performing, is done on behalf of the person who uploaded the infected pirated PC version of the game. This means that any cash generated by these Bitcoin miners on the PCs of those people who are running riddled version of Watch Dogs will go straight to the torrent uploader. At this point, Bitcoin mining software itself is not recognized as a virus so it is highly possible that your anti-virus program will not pick it up as a virus or malware.

To stay at the safer side, it is highly suggested that PC gamers should stay away from these tainted Watch Dogs torrents, but if you happened to have installed a leaked PC version of the game already, visit here to find some solutions for your virus infected PC.

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