Watch Dogs PC Graphics Settings Screen Revealed – More 4K Screenshots Show ‘Best-Case-TOD’ Scenarios

We have shared some early gameplay videos and screenshots taken from PC version of Watch Dogs running at high and ultra high settings. The early media content from PC version of Watch Dogs show that the developer has done quite great work on visuals of the game. Today, some leaked screenshots came up on the internet showing PC graphics settings of the game.

Watch Dogs PC Graphics Settings Menu Revealed - More 4K Screenshots Taken Under 'Best-Case-TOD’ Scenarios

In the recent flood of leaks, Watch Dogs media content fell by both beta version and final retail version of the game. The beta version was downgraded to decrease the download size and so, some people now, after watching gameplay videos and screenshots from beta version of the game, think that Ubisoft's brand new IP holds no good. Hopefully, the game will not disappoint us all when it releases after a few days.

It is clear that Watch Dogs is going to be one of the visually most impressive games ever created, this is what the developer claims. Mammoth amount of resources needed to run this game on ultra settings on PC may justify the aforementioned statement. To run this game on ultra high settings, you need some real quality PC hardware configuration. Below are a couple of screenshots shared by GamingBolt showing Watch Dogs graphics settings screen on PC version of the game.

The desire to play Watch Dogs at ultra high settings on PC will cost you a whopping 3GB of visual RAM; something that PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are not familiar to. Watch Dogs PC version on ultra high settings will also simply not support dual core processors, this means that millions of PC users will have to upgrade in order to play this game at ultra high settings.

Now since we are talking about running Watch Dogs on PC at ultra high settings. Here are some 4K screenshots of the game showing in-game rainy nights. We previously had a look at 4K screenshots of the game during daylight and now once again thanks to NeoGAF member ‘twisted89', we have some 4K Watch Dogs PC screenshots captured under 'best-case-TOD’ scenarios as described by the developer.

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