Apparently Microsoft Surface Mini Exists – Exclusive Launch?

Rafia Shaikh

Surface Mini confirmed by Microsoft:

Microsoft unveiled its Surface Pro 3 tablet in May this year. While Surface Pro is geared towards professional usage with tons of features exclusively advertised to set Surface apart from its primary rival iPad, many expected Microsoft to launch a Mini version this year too. Apple has been getting some good profits from its iPad Mini tablets, Microsoft's Surface Mini was just a natural development expected.Surface Mini

However, Microsoft did not launch any Mini tablet and the earlier speculations of Surface Mini were considered to be just rumors and leaks. Seems like they were not simply rumors or leaks but Microsoft's Surface Mini does apparently exist. Reported by Verge, Surface Mini gets quite a few references in an online Surface Pro 3 user manual.

1- Rotate Surface Mini the way you want it.
2- Bluetooth technology links your Surface Pen to your Surface Mini or Surface Pro 3, so when you click the button, your Surface responds instantly.
3- If you want to do more than take a quick handwritten note, unlock Surface Mini.

It is unknown why Microsoft shelved its plan of launching Surface Mini. It was reported that the launch of a smaller tablet was cancelled just a few days before the event. While Microsoft has never talked about this tablet, the references in the official manual confirms the existence of a Surface Mini.

Why couldn't Microsoft edit out the references to Mini in the manual is of course not known. However, they are proving to be a great marketing tactic, whether it was intentional or not. It is though not sure if we will see a Surface Mini anytime soon or not, however, it is rumored that Microsoft might release the Mini tablet in an exclusive event.

Source: The Verge

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