2014 iPad Air and iPad Mini will have Touch ID Sensors – Supplier Confirmation

iPad Mini 2 and 2nd-gen iPad Air Touch ID sensors:

Latest industry reports reveal that Apple is opting for integrating its fingerprint sensors in upcoming models of 2014 iPad Air and iPad Mini too along with the flagship iPhone 6. Apple's core component supplier TSMC is set to ship out the iPad Mini and iPad Air Touch ID sensors. iPad Air touch ID

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Apple's Touch ID sensor was one of the major feature advertised for iPhone 5s last year. Following the increased focus on improved net security, users are now looking forward to biometrics technology. Even though the first iteration of both the major tech corporation, Apple and Samsung, has somewhat failed with faux-prints able to hack the devices, it is only just the start.

Apple is highly expected to launch this major selling point with upcoming tablets too. Second generation iPad Air Touch ID sensors along with iPad Mini Retina 2 fingerprint sensors will be supplied by TSMC. Reportedly, Apple has contracted with TSMC subsidiaries Xintec and Suzhou Crystal Semiconductor to produce sensors in required amount.

Once uniformed throughout the iOS series, Apple is expected to increase the features foray for Touch ID sensors too as it has very limited utility in its current form in iPhone 5s.

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