Sonic Colors Ultimate is Still Coming to Steam… Eventually

Ule Lopez
Sonic Colors Ultimate

Sonic Colors Ultimate is a remake of the Wii video game that brings the game to modern platforms. The game was critically panned because of its highly unstable release alongside the many glitches that the community just enjoyed riffing on. While the game eventually had several patches that fixed its stability, the first impression cannot be forgotten.

One of the things that added to this game's infamy was certainly the fact that it was released on the Epic Games Store. But now, it seems like the tides have changed, as it has been confirmed that the game is coming to Steam. This revelation comes from the Sonic The Hedgehog Social Media manager Minikitty, who stated that the game is planned to be released on Steam.

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The tweet came in response to a user on Twitter asking if there are any plans to release the game on Steam, as it was said before. However, Katie could not confirm anything concrete such as a release date for this product. While that's unfortunate, it's still neat that the community will have a port of the game that can eventually be fixed by them.

Still, the Steam version of Sonic Colors Ultimate may not be released this year. For a bit of speculation, it seems like the development resources are currently directed at Sonic Frontiers, which is way closer to its release date. Players may hear more about the upcoming Steam port of Sonic Colors Ultimate afterward.

The game might be in a more stable state by then. Since the game's release, several patches have been issued that added back several things that the game sorely needed, such as a soundtrack toggle, quality of life changes, and more cosmetics for players to put on Sonic. Sonic Colors Ultimate is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC through the Epic Games Store.

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