Sonic Colors Ultimate is Riddled with Glitches; Nintendo Reportedly Offers Refunds


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Several players across the Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch versions of Sonic Colors Ultimate have reported issues with the game. The issues stem from players who got access to the Digital Deluxe version of Sonic Colors. The worst offender of this problem seems to be the Nintendo Switch version which has more egregious performance and stability issues.

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Several players over YouTube have made several compilations. You can watch one of the compilations below:

Meanwhile, issues regarding the game's stability and problems are being published by Ultimate users who gained early access on Twitter. You can find some examples of this below:

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While several users have reported issues regarding their experience with Sonic Colors Ultimate, one user stood out from the crowd. Former Twitter user Kotaru Extra (now deleted) reported several issues with the game involving Sonic T-posing and a flickering UI. However, the user later declared that they were playing on an emulated version of the game through Yuzu.

Ever since then, some players have disregarded glitches as coming from an emulator. However, several other players have confirmed that the issues happened on original hardware rather than on an emulated version. Additionally, some of these issues can cause seizures to some players. The Sonic The Hedgehog Social Media manager has confirmed that the game is going to be patched soon:

Meanwhile, Nintendo is reportedly offering refunds for Sonic Colors Ultimate. This happened after many users claimed that the issues came primarily from the Switch version of Sonic Colors Ultimate:

Sonic Colors Ultimate is slated for release on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch on September 7. The game will be released on the Epic Games Store and Steam on its PC version.

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