Sonic Colors Ultimate Console Comparison Highlights Questionable Performance on Switch and Last-Gen Consoles

Sonic Colors: Ultimate

A new Sonic Colors Ultimate console comparison has been released, highlighting the game’s subpar performance on the last-gen consoles as well as the Nintendo Switch.

A lot has been written about the performance of this Ultimate version for the Nintendo Switch, but how does the game perform on the base PS4 and Xbox One consoles? Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry compared the performance and visuals of the game on every console to the original Wii version from 2010. The verdict? Whereas the new Xbox Series and PlayStation 5 have plenty of overhead to be able to run this game properly, this isn’t the case for the last-gen consoles. From the looks of it, with the game not even being a native next-gen title, optimization has been rather poor and the last-gen ports could really benefit from some additional work when it comes to the overall performance of the game and loading times.

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As for the game’s performance on the Nintendo Switch? Obviously, sacrifices have been made to the game’s visuals on Nintendo’s hybrid platform, and the framerate has been capped at 30FPS, but the most annoying aspect of the title on the Switch might be the extremely long loading times. As Digital Foundry points out, loading times are considerably longer than those on the original Wii version, which shouldn’t be the case.

As per Digital Foundry, those wanting to play the game on the last-gen consoles or the Nintendo Switch might do well to wait for a proper patch to fix the apparent issues that are plaguing this Ultimate version of a great Sonic game. Luckily, SEGA has already confirmed that such a patch is in the works.

Sonic Colors Ultimate is available now digitally on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. The game’s physical version has recently been delayed across all EMEA markets, excluding Australia & New Zealand.

The original version of Sonic Colors was released for the Nintendo Wii and DS back in November of 2010.

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